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Spiritual Nature of Relationships

  If you’re a believer in re-birth or karma, and believe things happen for a reason, you wouldn’t be surprised that the most important relationships you have around you – spouse, parents, kids, friends, relatives, and enemies too, may not… Continue Reading →

Durga – Girl Uninterrupted

 We were strolling the banks of the river Ganges, under the celestial sky, mesmerized by the floating diyas (little lamps lighted and let loose in the Ganges by devotees), meandering the course of the river, as we neared the Sai… Continue Reading →


Lot of people talk about spirituality, many have experienced it as well. I don’t know what it is, I don’t know whether I can pin-point any situation, event or experience and say I know what spirituality is. I want to… Continue Reading →

Metamorphosis to Spirituality!

When you are born in a religious Bengali Brahmin family, you grow up believing in religion wholeheartedly. My parents are religious. My mother offers Puja to the god every single day. My father chants Gayatri Mantra daily after bath. They… Continue Reading →


PASSAGE – FROM LIFE TO LIFE   Here, I leave my fleshed cage and move past the drab confines of life Severing the threads of mortal affair A father, a mother, a child, a wife   Is it the end?… Continue Reading →

Moment-wise WISE

Holding my glass of warm I stepped out of my room to explore what the day had in its offering! The stillness in this morning moment was all encompassing. Standing in the balcony, over-seeing the greens below, I witnessed the… Continue Reading →

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