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Our Actions and Our Nature : Shrimad Bhagwad Geeta Series 5

This article, or rather  -series of thoughts – is based on The Shrimad Bhagwad Geeta, Chapter 15, verses 5-9 and Chapter 18 verses 56-60; while reading these, some realizations and thoughts came to my mind – on the nature of… Continue Reading →

The Alchemy of Human Relationships

The Word Relationship has become a ‘hot buzz’ these days, as if somebody who has been working for long years in a movie industry, has gained the superstardom overnight. Everybody loves to talk, discuss and deliberate on this hot topic… Continue Reading →

My Soul pulled for a re-visit

When Spiritualism Goes Glitzy And Glamorous…

By C T Joshi, Senior Journalist, Bengaluru  A publicity-crazy religious-spiritual leader recently appeared as a half-clad wrestler in a  wrestling pose in a TV advertisement. It was cheap and laughable, undignified and unbecoming of his position in society. There is a… Continue Reading →

An evening to Remember!

              “Neev! Will you come home early today?” She asked , her beautiful kohld eyes gleamed with affection. “What’s today? Anything special?” He said, not noticing any of it. ‘Why do they always need… Continue Reading →

I thank God !!

  This New Year again I thank God!   Because….   The moment I was born, I had Cried! Now I know otherwise,   I would have Died !!   The burden of Ambition, Competition & Comparison, which I had always… Continue Reading →


Lot of people talk about spirituality, many have experienced it as well. I don’t know what it is, I don’t know whether I can pin-point any situation, event or experience and say I know what spirituality is. I want to… Continue Reading →

Rags to Riches..

After speaking with Pushkraj over the phone for some time, Aditya concluded the discussion on the sad note. Later he also sent the formal email to Pushkraj asking him to stop coming for the work. The situation had changed and… Continue Reading →

Metamorphosis to Spirituality!

When you are born in a religious Bengali Brahmin family, you grow up believing in religion wholeheartedly. My parents are religious. My mother offers Puja to the god every single day. My father chants Gayatri Mantra daily after bath. They… Continue Reading →


PASSAGE – FROM LIFE TO LIFE   Here, I leave my fleshed cage and move past the drab confines of life Severing the threads of mortal affair A father, a mother, a child, a wife   Is it the end?… Continue Reading →


‘Spirituality is not something you do.  If you stop all your nonsense, you are spiritual.  Spirituality is ultimate sense.’ –Sadhguru  Now a days, as we are evolving we are attracting to the aspect of spirituality.  Very often the question is… Continue Reading →

Spirituality & Me

  Written by: Deepthi Musley There are thousands of philosophies, several doctrines, many written prophecies and scriptures followed by the people of this world. All these put together becomes the quintessence of a worthy life. I have always wondered who… Continue Reading →

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