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Be the Sun, not the Sunflower!

  It’s often easy to rue the fact that no one comes forward to help us in times of need, to support us when we’re shaky, and to uplift us when we fall down. It only seems natural to ask… Continue Reading →

Success is Ours for Sure! Ee sala CUP Nammadhey!!

Success is Ours for Sure!  Ee sala CUP Nammadhey!! (In Kannada, it means this time, the trophy/cup/ success is ours for sure)   The essence of this slogan is the dream of many ! But can one be sure of… Continue Reading →


What drives every action of human being is the intention of achieving success in the outcome of that action.  Hence, a question like what success means is absurd.  There is not one single definition of success that could hold good for… Continue Reading →

98.6 Degrees Fahrenheit

Four days of raging fever, over a dozen doses of paracetamol, needle pricks on a thin arm, wailing puking burning child… its been a trying week. Our little girl is fighting against an infection that the blood tests are yet… Continue Reading →

Success Saga – The thing about Success

    If there was ever a formula for success, or a sure fire approach, human race would have self-decimated itself long time ago. And thank God, for that.   And yet, Success by no means, is entirely a freak… Continue Reading →

Self reflection-a key ingredient for success

Self reflection is a key ingredient for success, the other ingredients being purpose, passion, self determination and confidence.   Self reflection means productive thinking and to ponder over.  “A man must find time for himself.  Time is what we spend our… Continue Reading →

3 ways to deal with procrastination- for success and happiness

To achieve success we have to smash the foe called procrastination. Everybody dreams of achieving success but without working hard, will success come and fall on our lap?  We have to work for it.  Do all that’s necessary to achieve… Continue Reading →

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