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Weave your Relationships…

Have you ever wondered why we often tend to visualize/ feel/liken relationships to a Labyrinth and NOT to a lovely knit of varied coloured threads,  all blending together, and each adding beauty of their own, to make a harmonious piece… Continue Reading →

Women Empowerment Starts with Respect

Women Empowerment Starts with Respect “Respecting a woman is the best way to tell her how beautiful she is.” As a Teen Life & Parenting Coach, I meet some kids from affluent and educated families where the mother is still… Continue Reading →

The Power of Positivity…

It is a human tendency to blame other’s for one’s own sufferings.  But If our sufferings are caused by someone else then same should be applicable for our pleasure. But we human beings are very smart, we want to enjoy… Continue Reading →

Connect Your Soul To The Supreme Soul….

Almost in every household, it is taught right from one’s childhood that early morning after taking a bath, one has to worship the God by performing some rituals like lighting up of a flame and burning incense sticks, ringing up… Continue Reading →

Chaya …an incredible journey Part #3

I thank God !!

  This New Year again I thank God!   Because….   The moment I was born, I had Cried! Now I know otherwise,   I would have Died !!   The burden of Ambition, Competition & Comparison, which I had always… Continue Reading →


Lot of people talk about spirituality, many have experienced it as well. I don’t know what it is, I don’t know whether I can pin-point any situation, event or experience and say I know what spirituality is. I want to… Continue Reading →

Letters – A way of Expression

My childhood memories flashed before my eyes like a movie, there was a burst of nostalgia when I saw the girl (child character of #Alia Bhatt in #Dear Zindagi) writing letters to her mom. As a child, I used to… Continue Reading →

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