She looks around her world

A friend to speak, she seeks

She is a broken girl

Scared, confused and meek


The ones she finds around

Mock her and push her away

She cries but makes no sound

In this life she has no say


Her thoughts run in her head

They want to shout and bounce and jump

She holds them tight instead

In her soul they form a lump


She resolves she needs nobody

No friend to laugh, to speak

She can live without the ghouls

That cause her heart to shriek


They call her when they need

And her heart swells with joy

And then it feeds her greed

A greed that only destroys


Destroys the pieces of soul

That’s left inside her head

When she realizes they’re cold

She’d craved their warmth instead


It’s at the very zenith now

Her need to voice, to breathe

A moon among the stars above

She screams inside, out she seethes


She slams the doors with force

She pushes the chairs away

There, they form, a crowd

“She must be crazy,” they say


The tears, they fall, a stream

She takes a fathomless breath

Then she shrieks, she howls, she cries

And falls unto her death


“She must have kept so much inside

It must have been so hard”

They pity her soul for days

For her body now lays charred


Next week they’re on their way

Just one quiet girl less

“If only she’d spoken before

There wouldn’t be such a mess”


But I know the shadowy truth

I know she’d tried, she’d cried

Her voice unheard, her tears unseen

Until the day she died



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