The Art, Culture, Architecture of Madhya Pradesh and Chattisgarh

The Art, Culture, Architecture of Madhya Pradesh and Chattisgarh

The Art, Culture, Architecture of Madhya Pradesh and Chattisgarh

Madhya pradesh is known for its rich culture, heritage, dance and music. Among all the states of India, Madhya pradesh is a sparkling lamp emanating its luminous light and spreading the essence of culture to the world. The six regions of Madhya Pradesh as recognized as world heritage sites that includes Nimad, Malwa, Bundhelkhand, Bhagelkhand, MahaKaushal and Gwalior. It is also very prominent for its unique music.

The Buddhist statue at Sanchi of 1300 BC signifies the start of Mauryan dynasty by emperor Ashoka, who was a stanch believer of Buddhism. This statue was recognized as world heritage site by UNESCO in 1989.

Bhimletka, identified with the period of Mahabharata, as it is believed that Bhim resided here for sometime, is 45 KM from Bhopal and is also recognized as world heritage site.

Orachha, situated on the banks of river Betwa was built in 1600 by Bundelo king Rudra Pratap. The UNESCO declared Ram temple, Sheesh mahal and Jahangir mahal as temorary world heritage sites.

Rajwraha built by Chandel kings of Chatarpur district has been declared as a world heritage site by UNESCO in 1986.

A rich culture prevails in Madhya Pradesh even today as festivals like Teez are celebrated with great pomp and gaiety. A culture of a state depicts the festivals, language, food habits and dress habits. The traditional culture with a blend of modernity can be called as a treasure trove, which speaks volumes of the state in terms of hospitality and sophistication. The state can be divided into 6 cultural groups, each unique, yet having a thread of commonality that binds.

Nimad is a cultural centre with glorious past. the river Narmada, one of the oldest rivers in the world originates at Nimad. The Vindhya and Satpura mountain ranges is a home for many tribal groups and is well described in the works of Kalidasa.

Malwa is a land of Mahakavi Kalidasa, where greenery is seen everywhere. The fertility of the lad has sustaind the people of the region till date. People have never seen a famine here. The land of Malwa is on the beautiful plateau of Vindhyachal, which is magnificient and fabulous.

Bhundelkhand is also on the Vindhya plateau with Yamuna river, a life line of people in the North, Chambal in the North West. The region is surrounded by Panna, Azhamgarh in the south East, comprising of 4 districts of UP and 5 districts of MP.

Mahakaushal, also called as Jabalpur is known for national property and rich culture prevails here. It is situated on the banks of river Narmada.

Gwalior, known for its beautiful Chambal valley is located at the center. well known as a gharana for Hindustani music, it has an unparalleled culture. It is a place of political importance. It is here that Rani Laxmibai fought a war against the British. She always said “Meri Jhansi kabhi na doongi”. Gwalior is a home for Royal Scindia family too.

Chattisgarh, the 29th state of the Indian union is located in the center East of the country. It is the ninth largest state of India and is modestly occupied by the tribals who have preserved their rich tribal culture. Bheel, Ghond, Karki, Baiga, Sahariya, Role, Bhariya are a few tribes of Chattisgarh. the eastern part of Chattisgarh is influenced by Oriyan culture. the traditional people co-exist with the western culture and they believe in simple living. The gonds of Bastar are the most prominent tribal group. 75% of Cfhattisgarh population comprises of tribes.

The sculptural art of Chattisgarh has acclaimed world wide fame. The art includes Kasht Shilp, Dhatu Shilp, Dhokera Shilp, Gadhwa Shilp, Hauh shilp, Bans Shilp, Kosha shilp, Jhara shilp and Tumba Shilp.

Tribal ladies have a unique way of dressfing and decorating themselves with antique ornaments that showcases an altogether a different culture. They ornate themselves with Suthiya, Kanthi, Khardet, Eths, Nagmoni, Bahula, Harlib, Pathiya and Simghi. Chura, Bali and Panthi are the ornaments used by men.

Music of Chattisgarh has its own esseence and captivates people with its special lyrics and beats. the various types of music that enchants the folks are Ka.rma, Dadariya, suwa, Bansgeet, Bhojali geet, Soher, Pandhwani geet, Jwara geet, Panthi geet, Bhadoni and Lodric Chandenik geet. Each type of music has its own quintessence and touch.

Dance is an expression in movements. The folk dances are noted for both rigorous and slow movements, the grace is very unique in each of the dance forms. sua, karma, Panthi, Rowt Nacha, Serhul, Gauwr and Karksar are to name a few.

The instruments include Mrudunga, Panchmukhi, Baja, Gudla Baja, Sulud, Algoja, Turathi and Twra.

Chattisgarh is a state with a granduer of unique monuments that reverberates a glorious heritage. Bastar place, Kutumsar caves and kailash gufa Bastar, Khadia dam, Bilaspur, Ratanpur fort, Kawardha place and Danteshwari Mandir proclaims a vivid arthichtectural beauty. These are places worth visiting.

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