Touch the Nature’s Beauty & clutch the hidden mysteries

Touch the Nature’s Beauty & clutch the hidden mysteries

Touch the strength of nature’s beauty And clutch the hidden mysteries –

Nature is the gift of Almighty, the pleasure in the pleasantries with it rejuvenates body and soul. Our life is in and around nature. Life is spellbound in the best ever nature’s lap. Travelling thousands of miles to enjoy the scenic beauty is an exhilarating joy for any nature lover. It has power to heal almost anything and everything. visiting the nature’s possessions regenerates the vividness. My recent experience of meet and greet nature’s Esteem powered my dreams, passions to ecstatic enchantments. It’s an overwhelming feeling to touch your own strength through nature’s divinity. My Eyes are still envisioning the quintessential quality of picturesque presence through the small chunk of an eminent nature’s charm amidst minacious sound waves produced close to an attractive spots. Many enthusiasts including me were the most curious to know the mystery behind the nature’s piece. Hiked miles together walked in the hillsides to attain utmost satisfaction and to find tranquility. Undoubtedly the exuberance cheered every soul who were present in that environment.

Nature’s beauty has numerous blessings to adore. sounds that resonates throughout the phases where only nature is seen to our visibility is the trick to extricate from an extrinsic outside and an artificial world.

Mighty good experiences from the viewpoints excels our abilities. An exuberant beauty exposed by the landscape’s essence annexes our quality. The zeal of being with the Mother Earth’s Eminences gives a wonderful grace to the fact full soul.

Fierce of flowing water, Enormous range of soundscapes near waterfalls, cascades blissful glides, mountains eruptions, designed snow hugging around the hills and pavements, ravishing waves touch the sand on shorelines, moon’s reflections, moonlight’s musings, green lustres on the surface of the earth’s vistas, blue sky’s bloomed attractions, Clouds crawling, groups birds flying and troops of animals grazing, wildlife in the forests , hot springs hot spurts, twilights’ tweets, chirps and chirrups, nature is holding an innumerable fancies with the sunsets, sunrises spirits and night’s neat enticements, Amethysts diamonds and other gems formed inside the soil created an extravagant life’s celebrations. Thankful to an Absolutely awesome Mother Earth’s beatific possessions.

The snow hugged mountains slowly thaws forming water falls flowing from the mountains possesses undoubted charisma. Fast flow of water forming white water pearls is delightfully cute. Adorable mild sun rays on the pearl falls with an echo of resonance sparkles the aura as well as the nature lovers soul. Blares of forceful water falling down the canyon is breathtaking and at the same time so creepy.


Sun rays through Sprinklers forming rainbows are extremely attractive to the eyes of the visitors. Clear waters are prolific in mountain ranges. Snaky curves of golden Canyons carry waters and flows till down hill changes its name to river. It’s just alluring to spend time near river flowing. Waves gliding sliding swirling around forming pearls and curls is an awesome sight for the people. Do not take nature for granted time n tide waits for none no one can predict the tides and overflowing of waters. That’s been always mystery. Do not play with nature it’s very patient we never know when it gets impatient and that very day it gobbles everything that surrounds.


In the recent trips I traveled through the place where geographic plates are located created more respect towards omnipresent. Though I thoroughly enjoyed the antiquities formed by the volcano eruptions somewhere in the heart there was some fear running in the process of enjoyment. The real reason is earth has mysterious elements which cannot be estimated by any professional. Geographical plates rubs and vibrations on the land is totally unexpected. Beauty always surfaces an uncertainty. Valleys hills sand dunes surroundings silence has mysterious violence beneath it.


Volcanoes are still rumbling in some parts of the world. Chemicals are burning in the hot fumes inside the earth’s layers may rupture anytime. The cautions on the boards for visitors are seen in the places. Still beauty of god’s creation attracts huge crowd on the spots. Steam bursting out of the holes on the hills and boiling water forming hot springs looks amazing from outside but the heat  pressure filled within the soil is unimaginable. Chemicals evolved changes the colour of soil.


Turquoise springs with vapours all around looked so clear. Ground below the water is visible with a stunning turquoise charisma an orange yellow borders formed due to chemicals of the spring is captivating. No doubt it attracts every eyes. Grand prismatic from thousands of years is still fuming colouring and chaste. Looking them live is like a heaven on earth. Flows of orange hot waters in to the mid rivers area surrounded by greenery around is picturesque and scenic.

Boiling Hot Water’s pressure bursts out the water so high naturally looks amazing on the other hand the dangers our Mother Earth is holding in her womb may blowout anytime

Fierce of Geysers are quite astonishing and unpredictable as well. Geographically many chemical combinations are boiling beneath is the mystery no one can ever know other than creator himself

Roopa Rani Bussa

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