War and Democracy…

War and Democracy…

Arbind Kumar

Pulwama may be turning point for the party in power. Air strike in Pakistan may be an effective weapon in the poll bound nation when there are few stories of success for the central government to recite in election campaign. It was assumed that government was planning air strike more or less like 2016 before general election. Pulwama terror attack on security forces in which 40 soldiers lost their life, gave a golden chance to retaliate and gain political mileage. This heinous crime vitiated the atmosphere in the country and government was forced to hit back. Indian Air Force operation bears lot of jingoistic content to affect poll prediction. Though, the story and result of operation said by Indian Air Force is contradicted by international media.

Government was fully conscious that if war broke out, the loss would be irreparable. Nation would get back at least 2 decade ago. Strategy was made so as to minimize the causalities and hit the political target more. Those who support operation would be declared patriotic and those who contradict or question the attack, were easy to be declared traitor. But strategy might backfire in case Pakistan chooses to go nuclear war.

It is equally risky for a developing country to wage a lethal war, more clearly nuclear war and bear the high cost of causalities and unimaginable economic loss. Government is hard pressed to achieve double digit growth in each fiscal year to compete burgeoning economies of the south Asia. New generation aspires to get lucrative job. India is the only young country in the world whose youth power is gaining momentum. The population of young people in India has increased 353 million to 430 million in a decade. In 2014 general election there were 150 million new voters. The fact is more interesting that 50 percent population of India is below the age of 25. Among internet user, 76 percent are below 35 years age. The working average age is around 29 year. India is an aspiring country. Dawn starts from here; one of the largest consumer markets with innumerable possibilities of development. At such juncture, jingoistic politics is easy to catch up votes.

Experiment with democracy discussed, best developed and adopted by constituent assembly after getting rid of British rule in fifth decade of last century, has been magnificent and marvelously success. Democracy word comes from demos, common people and krates, strength. Common man’s strength was made stronger by many constitutional amendments.

In case of war, we have historical account of larger human loss. USA had dropped two nuclear bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki city of Japan. Under Manhattan projects, on 6 August, 1945, first bomb was dropped on Hiroshima, claimed 80, 000 people instantly. The code name of uranium based bomb was ‘Little boy.’ The total number of causalities instantly and aftermath were 192, 020. The second plutonium based bomb with code name ‘Fat Man’ was dropped on 7 August, 1945. It claimed 70, 000 people instantly. At the time of attack, Hiroshima population was 419,182 and after attack population dropped to 137,187. This is 70 year old story. We can only imagine the extent of human loss with the fact that India and Pakistan are nuclear country.

At the time of demonetization, it was said, move would hard hit funding channel of the terrorist. This notion was wrong, it proved. Many more strategies are needed to wipe out terrorism from Indian soil.

Riding over the order-hit the target, air force took courageous task and sent out its fighter jet to hit and annihilate the terror camp in the Balakot of Pakistan. Praise soared in the sky, but tension gripped at the line of actual control for some time. Direct face off was avoided and verbal warning issued to express victory. This shows well planned strategy to bring out national pride fore.

However, there are many possibilities of win/loss mandate. To keep off the heat of demonetization and GST that may catch fire in the form of loss of mandate it was better to talk national pride/national security. This is like cash cow and easy to garner vote.

We are in scientific age. Soldiers, fighter plane/jet, missiles/intercontinental missiles, submarines, nuclear bombs are stronger deterrent. It is less likely that full fledged war will be a reality in the world. What is more important is economic and scientific war. In my view, Balakot air strike is an election bugle. One should not read deeper meaning in it.

The advent of internet has made information dissipates quickly on larger social media platform. Today, it is equally impossible for the government to hide any information. The truth behind Balakot air strike is reported in international media. And the reach to these media is easy for anyone.

The parameter has changed. Economic/scientific development decides how much powerful Nation is.

(Writer is Journalist and soft skill trainer) M- 9424753979

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