With Talking Eyes, Unspoken Words and A Friend

With Talking Eyes, Unspoken Words and A Friend

At that point both were quiet, what will they talk? They never spoke back then nor will they speak today.
Emotions…most of them are expressed without words. From this point, he moved ahead without saying a word. He must have thought it is not important enough to be talked about. She, however, stood there numb unable to register what had just happened. She rushed back towards the memory lane; she was running restlessly and stopped when she reached at that point when they shared this emotion for the very first time. No words were spoken, only eyes were talking. How soothing that feeling is, to have someone in your life who will look at you in a particular way which no one else did. The eyes spoke with affection and care.
She tried identifying this feeling with past experiences and thought that this will pass too but no, this was something different, never felt like this before. As the time goes, few conversations through eyes, gestures of care and affectionate smiles have lightened their days. Both looked happy, the world seemed to her a beautiful place to live.
She looked back at the path which they travelled together for a while. Unspoken words, eyes, though, had never stopped talking. Today, both stood at this point, he moved ahead, without saying a word. What will he say, they were never dependent on words, she will understand as he thought and walked ahead.
She didn’t stop him. She collapsed in the arms of mother earth; days, months, years have passed but she was sitting there. She couldn’t move, didn’t know where to go. She was converted into stone. First her soul, then her body became motionless and emotionless. But her eyes were moving, they could see him happy without her, living the decision happily. Love is weird; you want your loved one to be happy, you pray for it but it’s painful to see him happy without you when you are lifeless without him, so her eyes froze too.
Months have passed since she was turned into a stone, all one could see is a statue of girl sitting her head dug into her knees.
Days and months have passed…one day, someone touched the statue softly and converted it into a human body; she was still sitting her head dug into her knees unaware of this change. Another soft touch on her hand and she looked up. She was stunned to see a guy with a gentle smile, deep compassionate eyes; he was emanating a positive aura which had the power of converting any stone into a human. She looked at him trying to understand who is he with immense source of positivity, compassion. With a voice that has the power to heal deepest wounds, He said come, ‘let’s go’. She stared at Him speechless and without asking she started walking with him. They walked and after some time reached to a place so beautiful which she has never seen before. It was a mountain which had a flat surface on it. Overlooking that mountain, was a green plateau. He gestured her to sit near the end to see that mesmerizing look.
She was still looking at him spellbound. He smiled again gently and said Nature is beautiful beyond words, isn’t it? She then looked again towards the plateau but didn’t speak anything.
He held her hand and she looked at him again, this time she took His hand in her both palms and started weeping profusely. Wiping her tears he said, you have no control on what others do, you can only choose your actions and reactions righteously. Let all anger and pain go, these are not the right companion for decision making. Then who is the right companion, she asked? He replied instantly your soul…aatma, but it is dormant for most of the people; first connect with your inner-self and it will give you the right decision. But what if it couldn’t find an answer, she asked. Then I am there, only if you want me. She said, “If you are so powerful and you are so knowledgeable then you should make all decisions for me”. No, He said firmly, you have received gift of this human body with all capabilities of rationalising, thinking as well as emotions and feelings, use all wisely. You must take your own decisions and take up the responsibility by accepting the outcome as it unfolds. But what if I need guidance, she asked? He smiled and said ‘I am always there for guiding, coaching those who look for it’. She looked at Him and for the first time in all these years, she smiled and asked him, who you are, (she noticed that He is in yellow coloured clothes, wearing a peacock feather and had a flute at the waist. He laughed and said sarcastically ‘wow you were quick in asking that’. I have many roles but I am mostly known as a Friend or Jeevan Rath Sarthi. Confused with the reply, she asked but what is your name? I have many names too, but my friends call me ‘Govind’ and remember I am always there to help those who seek answers within, those who travel the inward journey. For now, just look around and admire the beauty of Nature. Yes, Govind! Her face emanating a peaceful aura, she said “Mother Nature is beautiful beyond words”.
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Shweta Pathak
Shweta Pathak

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Sumeet Posted on9:05 am - Sep 19, 2019

Very touching & profound

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