My small thoughts of the morning

My small thoughts of the morning

To my understanding Life is one of the most precious gifts of God. He has given this, in order to make our living purposeful on this earth. The talents, enthusiasm, vigor, a will to do, goodness in the heart, love, laughter, smile and a host of many other complimentary qualities that goes with the finer ones like anger, jealousy, sadness and many more have been bestowed on us. Human being is a wonderful combination of emotions and intelligence. Using their intellectual capacities many scientists, technocrats, engineers and doctors have created wonderful concepts, objects, technology and so on. With emotions he is able to influence the society, fight for a cause and make the society a powerful entity. 

 Life runs at its own pace. We can neither hasten it up nor slow it down. As far as our understanding goes, we human beings are the most highly developed species on this planet. There may be better creatures on some other universal body. We never know. According to the circumstances and life situation that occur to us in every moment we should develop our mind in such a way that we are capable of handling situations efficiently. We do not know what is good or what is bad.  The degree varies with each individual character; his brought up, societal influence, his genes, and his environment and so on. What might be correct for one person may be a crime for the other.  

Brain is a unique organ gifted to us by God. We think differently at various situations. Sometimes the orientations of atoms in the brain that form the thought process is similar to the other brain. That is why the other person also thinks in the same direction.

I don’t know why I’m writing these thoughts today? There are various ways in which we can groom our brains to make every moment of our living, happy and nice. How is this possible? Just close your eyes and say it to yourself “let only good thoughts come to my mind. Let me contribute something that is of use to the existing time.” Nothing is eternal on this earth. We create and design objects, we may create and design organs, chemicals, human beings, also. Everything will perish one day. But the thought and the energy that we carry is unique that has different dimensions.

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