Adapt to the change

Adapt to the change

     Change is constant and adaptability is the need of the hour.  We cannot change the direction of the wind, we can only adjust the sails. At every point of our life, there is a change.  A newly wed woman has to adapt to the new home, to new people and to new culture.  A girl who changes her school has to adapt to new teachers, new methods of teaching and new friends.  Adaptation is part and parcel of everybody’s life.  Even species had to adapt for survival.  Adaptability does not mean that you are changing your true self.  It is only to keep yourself open for the change and to grab every opportunity to get most of your talent.  It is to endure the change with least discomfort and difficulty.

     Being complacent with what you have, does not accelerate growth.  It certainly hampers the progress of self and organization. Only when you welcome change and adapt to the changing situations, growth is a guarantee.  One has to resist change, only when, it does not lead to progress. Change is inevitable for a nation to achieve its best.  Tremendous results can be expected when you embrace change.  All successful people have studied the changes in the environment and adapted to those without any difficulty.

     A business entity always changes their work culture based on the market changes and the technological changes.  Market and technology are ever evolving.  It is difficult to keep pace with these changes.  Anybody who claims that he is updated with the latest technology may still feel short of technological skills.  A technology specialist has to guide the work force, so that they can streamline the technological experience.

     A new boss in the office changes the unwritten laws at the work place.  Being honest and optimistic and adapting soon to the new boss’s laws will avoid conflict in the organization.  It is vital to learn new things and keep oneself updated for easy adaptability.  Debashish Mridha said “Intelligence does not always define wisdom but adaptability to change does”, so be intelligent and wise.  adapt to the changing situations.

There are changes everywhere.  How do you adapt to these changing situations?  Share your thoughts on Spark.


Ashok Posted on2:08 am - Aug 29, 2017

Very true! Change is the only constant!

Shivam Tawari Posted on2:09 am - Aug 29, 2017

I m also a new blogger. We can be friends.

sahana sundar Posted on2:14 am - Aug 29, 2017

Thanks Ashok

sahana sundar Posted on2:18 am - Aug 29, 2017

Hi Shivam, saw your blog. well done. Subscribe to my blog so that I can contact you on your mail

Shrabanti Ray
Shrabanti Ray Posted on4:33 pm - Aug 28, 2018

Change and adaptability are essential for growth and development.
Any change that favours progress is inspiring.
Humans are basically adaptable by nature
Even though devastated by the flood fury people have learnt to adjust to the changes.
Looking forward to some more topics that can allow introspection.

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