Beauty of life

Beauty of life

    A deep emotion inside the heart gives the real purpose and meaning to life.  Life is not only about orderliness, cleanliness, clear thinking, rules and regulations.  If you want to give a deeper meaning to your life, you should feel a strong emotion called ‘Love’.  Biases, prejudices and belief’s come in your way while expressing this feeling of yours.  Be it a minister, a rich man, a powerful man, an ordinary man, a poor man, a woman or a child, show the same feeling for everybody.  Show interest in them.  See beauty in them.  Get connected.  They are the ones who give you immense joy, power, strength, energy and beauty.  Don’t condemn or criticize anybody.  The moment you criticize, you are not in a relationship.  You have never been in their shoes.  You never know their struggles and you never know what good things , life has given them.  Money, status, power, passing an examination, achieving degrees, wearing nice and eating good, don’t give real happiness.  They only give momentous joy.  It’s like a joy which a flower gives- blooms in the morning and whither away at night.  It’s like a joy of flying a kite that tears after some time.  This momentous joy stays for sometime and its gone.

     Don’t you feel happy when you see nature?  Any part of the nature be it a flower, mountain, tree, stream, birds or animals give happiness.  Similarly see beauty in every other person, you get happiness and this is true happiness.  Get connected with people and enjoy life.

Inspired by J Krishnamurthy

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CALIBRE CREATORS Sarfaraz Lakhani Posted on6:51 am - Aug 21, 2017

Very well written. You need to explore your writing skills which you can conpile into a book. Keep it up.

sahana sundar Posted on6:55 am - Aug 21, 2017

Thank you for your encouragement sir.

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