Do you have it in you?

Do you have it in you?

     It was a long boring speech.  The team leader went on and on in the board room.  Some dozed off with their laptops in front.  Amit’s thoughts did not correlate to the speech.  He knew about this boss. “This boss was not authentic, had failed to set team goals, did not inspire his team and did not collaborate well with his peers.  His efficiency gave a bad reputation.”  Amit was dreaming big.  He wanted to start a new venture on the same lines.  Amit believed in himself.   he had gold standard-He was energetic, honest, communicative and forward thinking.

     The challenges and joys of an effective leader are many.  He is the one who translates the vision into reality. He is a spark who incites action in others.  To stand as an effective and a powerful leader there are a set of practices one has to follow.  Firstly the leader has to make a SWOT analysis (Strengths, weaknesses, Opportunities and threats).  In the book ‘Your first leadership job’, Tacy M Bhyam and Richard S Wellins suggest a cluster of seven questions, to consider own strengths and motivations.  They are as follows:

  1.   Are you motivated to lead?  Do you have an upward ambition to expand your sphere of influence in the organization?
  2.   As you interact with others do you inspire performance and morale?  Do you believe in the strengths of others?  Do others look up to you as a leader even informally?
  3.  Are you able to show confidence without being seen as a know-it-all?  Do people trust you?  Are you willing to be accountable for your own actions?
  4.  Are you open to constructive criticism?  Do you seek feedback from others?  Do you have insight into your own strengths and weaknesses?
  5.  Do you learn from past mistakes and success?  Do you desire to learn new things?  Seek out different experiences?
  6.  Do you have a sense of urgency?  A desire to get things done?  Do you rebound quickly from a setback and continue to pursue your desired goal?  
  7.  Can you respond effectively to clear or ambiguous situations?  Can you see things in shades of gray rather than black and white?  Can you adjust quickly to new situations and people? 
      Analyzing yourself whether you fit into the role is the first step of a new leader.  It wont take you long to master these skills.  As you move through your leadership career you will learn the art of leadership.  
What are your thoughts on leadership?  What traits do you expect in a leader?  Share it on Spark.   

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