Follow your Heart while choosing a career

Follow your Heart while choosing a career

     What are your natural passions?  Give a meaning to your passion by pursuing it.  You cannot kill a passion before it takes wings.  You are here to realize your own nature perfectly.  Don’t be afraid of yourself or the world around you.  If something is tempting, yield to it.

     ‘You might have become an electrical engineer only because your father wanted it but don’t you have a strong desire to build a career in politics?’.  This must have been the state of most of the people who are not happy in their careers.  If that is the case, it’s not late.  Kick your job and follow your heart.

     Do come out of the chaos and give a rhythm to your life.  Pursue whatever your passion is.  For the children, today’s world has so much to offer.  There are career fairs that enlighten about various career prospects.  There are multiple online courses.  There are careers in photography, aerospace engineering, music therapy, animation, designing, chartered accountancy, administration, arts, aviation, business studies, education, engineering, environmental studies, humanities, languages, life sciences, management, natural science, performing arts, professional studies, social sciences, sustainability, technology, tourism and hospitality, Design, economics, energy, fashion, food and beverage studies, marketing journalism and mass education and many more.  Choose the best for your children from the array of courses.
     Sachin, Rajanikanth, Amitabh have succeeded because they are doing what they love.  Enjoy the beauty of life and stop being in a rat race.  Pursue your passion.  Don’t get lost.
What is your passion? Are you following it?  Share it on Spark.


Vishwanath Dixit Posted on5:35 am - Aug 21, 2017

Rightly said it is also said as "Gut feeling".
Even though a person may have altered or changed due to circumstances but his/her internal vibrations always carry to his/her area of interest.

sahana sundar Posted on5:41 am - Aug 21, 2017

Thanks so much Vishu

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