Looking for a ray of hope

Looking for a ray of hope

     Thousands and millions of people want to work but they do not have a job.  What might be the state of mind of an youth not having a job?  It must be the most devastating experience for him.  No work means no bread and no home.  He gets into depression, feels inadequate and useless, financial debts increase for him and all the promises he made for himself of getting a job goes into the gutter.  With this mental state youth might fall an easy prey to terrorism or end up doing a crime.  There is a need to stop this.

     Why are thousands and millions of people unemployed or underemployed?  A huge lot of people are getting educated.  They are obtaining degrees and double degrees, but still unemployed. Why?
A few of the reasons that can be cited are, technology is fast developing, there’s a gap between the educational institutions and the industry standards, downsizing of the companies, closure of the companies etc., Do we have a solution to all these problems?

    Today’s employers are generally looking for skill sets like communication, teamwork, problem solving, initiative and enterprise, planning and organizing, self management, learning and technology.   But are the educational institutions creating individuals with these credentials?  May be a very few institutions really prepare the students for future employment.  How do we fill this gap between the educators and the employers?  Children listen to whatever parents and teachers say.  They work hard, go to the universities and obtain degrees.  But are these degrees fetching them gainful employment is the question.  The employers and educators should interact and work with solutions to match the skills required in the industry to the education that is offered in the universities.


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