Shut down, Log off and get connected

Shut down, Log off and get connected

     “It’s enchanting, It’s exciting and wonderful.  It’s something like seeing with new and colorful eyes”, these were the words that came out of Sam, when we had been on a trek to a nearby hill.

     There is so much to explore outside the hustle bustle of the city.  The wonderful landscapes that God has placed for us have a lot to offer. It gives us a  new experience of wonder and joy of exploration.

     Going on frequent treks build a great stamina.  Your stamina will be that of a cheetah that can endure long runs.  The endurance, at the end of the day brings power to the brain and strength to the arm.  It makes us tough and viable to adapt to the hard situations of life.

     Being one with the nature also gives us the intrinsic value of  what meditation gives.  The nature in its openness and freedom, in its natural colors and freshness, give expansion and peace to our mind.  We also learn to appreciate the orderliness in its wilderness.

     We are also a God’s creation like any flower or a mountain.  No doubt we have made our own artificial world, but at least being a part of the nature for some time and dwelling with it gives happiness.  Nature inspires us to create beautiful things.

     Being amidst nature, we can also think how it has helped the mankind.  The flora and fauna are a delight to the eyes.  the trees and plants give us medicine, timber, good climate, ambiance, fresh air and much more

So shut down, Log off and get connected with the nature.  You come back more lively, charming and replenished with new energies.

How do you feel after a trek? Is going on treks on weekends and holidays, a good idea?
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