Beyond Success and Happiness

Beyond Success and Happiness

     Life is beyond success and happiness.  In the present society, there is a continuous endeavor to achieve success and happiness.  Plenty of success and happiness mantras are evolving.  The success and happiness for each person is different.  For the huge mass, success means having a good home, a descent job, a handsome salary, an understanding wife, healthy kids and a status in the society.

      Some men go beyond this.  Their thoughts are different and are not satisfied with these pleasures. After crossing different milestones of success, they still feel a void in their minds. They crave for something bigger, something meaningful and something that gives a feeling of fulfillment.  They want to belong, connect and see life differently.  They urge to have a purpose in life.  There are many men and women who have walked in this path of searching a deeper meaning to life.  Many have even sacrificed their lives for a cause.

     Even today there are many popular actors and actresses who have taken up politics and social service to serve the mankind.  There are many patriots who have laid their lives for this country.  There are world leaders striving to bring peace among the nations.  These are not satisfied with personal achievements.  Their search for transcendence makes them to pursue larger goals.

     Let’s talk about happiness.  what’s happiness? It is only a state of mind.  It is temporary.  It comes and goes.  Our minds require something eternal.  This is beyond happiness.  The thirst of some minds will be quenched only when they serve the mankind.  They feel a sense of fulfillment when they touch the lives of common people with their freedom, wealth and creativity.  Those people who sweep out the fear from the minds of people and give them a sense of security feel accomplished. 

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