Learn from other’s experiences

Learn from other’s experiences

     Yes it’s enlightening to read the words of the experienced.   It’s enlightening because the words come from the heart of an experienced man who has gone through the mill.  Why go through the same mill again when the results are before us?  Why waste effort and time reinventing the wheel?  Instead, let’s learn from other’s experience and take precautions not to repeat their mistakes.  Let’s start from other’s experience and end up with innovation. Taking a start from other’s experience will accelerate progress.  f you have to prepare a cake, we need not try different recipes, when there are grandma’s recipes.  But, only thing you can do it is improve on it.  Add some more ingredients.  The cake will be better than your grandma’s.  Two advantages that we get from other’s experience are learning from mistakes and becoming innovative.

     Experience is a master teacher.  Why should it be always our own?  Why not other’s?  Believe me all that you receive in the form of education is somebody’s experience and discoveries.  If you have to experience all this education yourself it will take millions of years.  I agree that failures lead to success but why fail when there’s proven knowledge before us.  Taking lessons from the experienced lessens risk of failure.  This is the best way to get 80% results putting 20% effort.  Reading a lot, getting advice from experienced, having mentors and following niches helps to learn faster and achieve better.

     By learning from successful people your name could be the next on the list.  They are also successful because they learned and continue to learn from others.  Can we stand lonely on an island and invent everything for ourselves?  No, we can’t learn all by ourselves.  We can only know more and become intelligent by learning from other’s experience.  We have to mirror one another.  So come out of your unsafe shell and take advantage of the things around you.

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