Become rich by expertise and understanding disruptive future

Become rich by expertise and understanding disruptive future

Become rich by expertise and understanding disruptive future

Dream of millions is to become rich.  Right from the childhood, I have heard my mother and everybody say, “work hard-hard work leads to success”.  I’m following the advise and I’m putting persistent effort which has not helped me to become rich.  I’m still struggling…..

Nowadays you can see people working very hard from morning to late nights.  Some are attending double shifts,  earning extra income by doing part time jobs and by being insurance agents  What’s all this hard work and labor paying? Hardly anything.  It has not given them the required financial security. Rather than hard work, I feel  being creative, having new ideas and working smart will give better finances.

To cite an example-Recently, I had been to a sand museum at Mysore.  Huge sand models have been created by a girl who is an engineering drop out.  The models are appealing.  Mysore being a tourist hub, lot of tourists come there.  She is earning huge money by one time investment.  She’s put in hard work, no doubt but it’s again an one time work.  The entrance fee is Rs.40/-.  This I call creative and smart work.  If she would have pursued engineering, probably she couldn’t have earned this big.

Millions of parents think educating their children and making them attain degrees will make their child a rich person.  But how far this is true?  If you look around, people are attaining specializations and earning much better than a guy who has attained formal education.  Attaining specialization is the trend of the day.

More than anything, world is changing. Changing very fast. And changing unpredictably.  Without understanding about the future disruptive world, It’s difficult to plan.  The impact of disruption and innovation cannot be sidelined.  There’s change in thinking, in mobility, in printing.  Our colleagues in future may be robots.  It’s difficult to envisage but by asking tough questions, we can plan to become rich.

To summarize, I would like to say that today the road to riches is a specific expertise and a clear understanding of our disruptive future.

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