Every Morning

Every Morning

Every Morning

I have been experiencing life like never before these days. What’s happening is again I am trying to figure out for myself. All in all what I can say, the vastness of this life does make me wake up every morning and say ‘Hi’ to it. Past few months never once did I feel a need to ‘Snooze’ my alarm and continue to sleep. Yes,  you got it right!! Who doesn’t want that. For me, everyday is like a power house packed in abundance. I feel there is something bigger and brighter waiting outside yet to be unleashed.

So, what happens exactly a day before that I get myself charged ready to take action on what’s next waiting for me. I imagine my next day, how would it look like? How would it be and what I’m gonna do is all that runs my mind. Though the certainty of a thing to happen the next day is zero. Still I keep on imagining. Until I get the very sense of how will the day actually turn out to be. Be it going for a run, talking to people, phone calls, nature everything.

Now the most amazing time of the day which I love the most is early mornings @5. I love to see the rising sun still orange brown and misty ready to light the sky with its radiant smile. I just adore the morning sun when its misty and the sparse fog that covers the trees. The very serenity just catapults me and I am ignited by the spark of the nature.I get myself ready for a run, when my feet just don’t stop and run and feel the freshness in the air. The pleasant smell of the incense sticks, the jasmine and the birds chirping their own beloved music is what makes me feel alive.

There is something more to the mornings that I kind of experience !! How my loved ones are, how blessed I am and how my blessings are growing each day because of the love of people around me. There is always something and someone you want to live for.!! What is it for you?

The moments I have made

The paths I have trailed

All that is possible for me in this life

I will always continue to sail

The easy is boring

The tough is bit tiring

I am nowhere in this land

I am sure I will keep on striving.

Summi Arora
Summi Arora

Summi Arora is Social Entrepreneur by profession living in Pune. Writing poetry is something that comes to her naturally. She loves to empower people and contribute to this world through her expression of writing.

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