Give positive affirmations-it makes your day successful

Give positive affirmations-it makes your day successful

Give positive affirmations-it makes your day successful

As a matter of fact, positive affirmations are necessary to make our day successful.  A day has not only happy moments but also a few dull moments.  Sometimes, the dullness may be due to a pain or agony that is disturbing.  You cry and scream or sometimes may even go to depression when in pain.  When you are disturbed you don’t have positive vibes.  Lack of positive vibes is like a flower without petals.  You can’t remain in that condition for long.  Eventually you ought to come out, straighten up and keep moving.  And keep moving with high energies.

“Your energy introduces you before you speak”, they say.  The dullness shows on your face. Therefore, it’s necessary that we  always carry vibrant energy with us.  Whatever may be the condition, whether we are sad or happy, energy levels should be exuberating.  Generally we display low energies only because the positive vibes are not enough within us.  To get positive vibes, it is necessary that we give affirmations.  Repeated affirmations make beliefs.  Beliefs become convictions and things begin to happen.

Quick start your mornings with the following affirmations:

  1. What an awesome morning!!!It’s filled with radiating energy.
  2. Reading is refreshing.
  3. My day will be full of fun
  4. My day will be satisfying
  5. I focus all my previous knowledge and bring it to the present.  It helps me take better decisions today.
  6. There are no constrains and restrictions.
  7. I focus my complete energies on the work at hand.
  8. I’m connected to the source that’s giving me immense energy
  9. I vibrate with the positive things.  Nothing is going to stop me in whatever I have to complete.
  10. I enjoy freedom, growth and joy
  11. I’m worthy and powerful
  12. Love is exuberating through me.  Bye bye to anger and fear.
  13. I’m always filled with joy
  14. I enjoy my food and exercise.  They are nutritious and refreshing.

I’m sure these positive affirmations make you stay positive that eventually leads to a successful day.




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