My Travel Video

My Travel Video

It has been a pleasure and sense of deepest joy with more and more readers visiting my blog. I can really see their interest, when they request me to share more pictures, videos, stories and the way travel transformed my life. So here is the link for my travel video. I am just in love with this video. Enjoy watching it:) Do comment on it as well.


Anuja Agarwal

I am a behavioral, leadership and financial Trainer. I am a Chartered Accountant, a Neuro-Linguistic Certified Practitioner, a Landmark Curriculum graduate and an experiential educator. I am very passionate about traveling and music and keep participating in running events like pinkathons and half marathons. I have touched upon every state in India except five states in the northeast and have been trained in Hindustani classical music for two years.I am also the founder of the organization Creative Kabira which has a vision of unleashing Creative confidence in younger citizens of the world.

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