What are your set patterns of life?

What are your set patterns of life?

What are your set patterns of life?


As said by Steve jobs you can only connect dots by looking backwards in life. When I look back into my life, yes I can connect dots and also I found a pattern in me which helped me to grow in life since childhood. After analysis I found taking ownership and decision making is my pattern.

Will like to highlight few instances in my life which will make you aware of my pattern. I was a mediocre student in my childhood and was never interested in studies with Math’s my weakest subject. Always dreamed to become cricketer and was very passionate for the game. So somehow keep passing class with average marks.

Got taste of my first failure in class 5th, was detained for a year, next year just passed and again failed in class six. As I put my parents down and everyone around me was questioning my failure. I was not allowed to go out of house for playing, after couple of months I was shifted to Hindi medium school.

In the starting it was tough to adjust in Hindi medium school but I accepted to move forward. Took first major decision my life that I am going to work hard and become good in studies and will make math’s my strongest subject, got my first reward in class 7th topped in math’s. After that I never looked back, my decision helped me to generate interest in studies I went ahead and cleared 10th and 12th board with first division.

Post that took decision to prepare for IIT entrance exams but was unable to clear and was dropped couple of years. Decided if IIT is not happening, I will clear entrance exam of any state. Cleared MP State exam and got admission in decent college. College and branch both was my decision. Completed my study from Bhopal, then took decision to come Pune for job search. Being from EEE branch took decision to take job in IT because it fascinated me in lot of ways and was not good in my core branch. In the span of 1.5 years appeared for almost 40 walking interviews and finally got job. Soon my fascination for job was over lost my job in 2009 recession.

Took a decision to have plan B in my life along with job, got next job after Four Months. Worked for another 4.6 years in Job and thought of being an Entrepreneur came into my mind. Last couple of years of my corporate life went by dreaming to do something big in life as I wanted to make my life Count. Here comes another major decision of my life, Dec2013 left corporate world forever and got into full time entrepreneurship.

I thank god for bringing all these failures in my life which keep on transforming my life. So by looking back I observe all my Failures made be a decision maker in life. Best part is all these decisions was taken by me. After every failure, questions was asked comments were passed but I never listened to nay Sayers. I always believed in myself backed myself and kept faith in God. Parents, family, friends and lot of other people keep suggesting but I always stick to my own decisions.

I suggest everyone look back and find on which pattern your life is governed. Analyze is it helping you to grow in life, if yes then its wonderful be aware of it and use it more often in life. If your set patterns are not helping you to grow in life then it’s high time to change it to get better results in life.

I believe every individual is born with infinite potential, you just have to unleash your powers to know your true potential. Biggest lesson I learned from my life experiences Embrace your failures, because every failure is an opportunity to grow and become better person in life. Thank you God bless all

Amit Kumar
Amit Kumar

Hi all myself Amit kumar basically from Bhagalpur. Done engineering from bhopal came Pune in Aug 2005. Worked in IT for seven years, Left corporate world in 2013 Dec and became an entrepreneur. Extrovert as a person, Passionate cricketer, love travelling, like making new friends, socialising and helping others. About writing : I got inspired by my friend Dev started writing three months back with daily quotes and one or two article in a month. Next year I have plan to write my book.

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