Till 23, Shamunga enjoys studying, getting good marks, participating in debates, science exhibitions, running events and enjoys sharing his achievements with family, friends and peers. However, he soon finds himself falling into depression. He feels ‘not capable enough’ while he starts to apply for jobs, when he gets a job he finds himself ‘not emotionally connected’, he has started getting present to his recent ‘aggressive behaviour’ towards his parents, his excited lively mornings are now ‘lazy lying on bed’ mornings. He has usually heard of people experiencing a mid-life crisis, he thinks he is undergoing a quarter-life one.

Well our dear, sincere, ambitious, committed Shamunga finally ends up in a bad marriage and unhappily stuck in his career as a Chartered Accountant.

Now there is a top secret to the story.

Should I disclose it?

The fate of Shamunga is not as bad as I told you. Not my fault! He asked me to do that.

So here’s the true story…

Luckily, one day after his office his good friend-cum-colleague takes him to a book-chai cafe for a traveller’s meet. One of the travellers from Bengaluru, Asmita, is in her own wierd and quirky way is sharing an interesting story from her travels, “ I was travelling Sikkim on a shoe-string Budget and was bargaining with a taxiwala to reduce the fare. In the whole deal, I forgot I had a small bag with all my money, cards and identity proofs and the next moment I realized the bag is not with me! I tried searching for it for an hour but when I was not able to locate it I went to the police station. More than my loss the policeman was so excited to meet the solo traveller in me that he treated me with momos! And you know what?! All the more magical was the phone call I received from a friend in Sikkim who after hearing my story sent me his ATM card with 1500 Rs via a road transport. “

Something moved in Shamunga when he noticed Asmita excitedly narrating her story and so comfortable talking about her imperfections. He got into an inquiry within whether struggling hard, running after job, earning high, partying hard is it really worth it. Is money my only need? The very next day he applied for a month’s sabbatical from his job, Just to be with himself in the mountains, rivers, roads and ofcourse new people!

And he finally said “ I am not perfect, but I am a limited edition”.

Message to the readers:

Some of the readers of my blog post really wanted to know how travel added value to my life. The approach to writing over here has been inspired through the writings of Mr. Paulo Coehlo, to make it interesting for the readers.

When we are disconnected from ourselves — from who we really are and from our feelings — and when we are not filling ourselves with love through our spiritual connection, we create a black hole within. The black hole we’ve created through our self-abandonment becomes like a vacuum, trying to pull love from others. This neediness tends to push people away, so we end up feeling even more unloved.

When we want responsibility for our own well-being and we open to learning about loving ourselves, we open the door to connecting with an infinite source of love. Learning to bring this love within and share it with others creates deep inner fulfillment.

Anuja Agarwal

I am a behavioral, leadership and financial Trainer. I am a Chartered Accountant, a Neuro-Linguistic Certified Practitioner, a Landmark Curriculum graduate and an experiential educator. I am very passionate about traveling and music and keep participating in running events like pinkathons and half marathons. I have touched upon every state in India except five states in the northeast and have been trained in Hindustani classical music for two years.I am also the founder of the organization Creative Kabira which has a vision of unleashing Creative confidence in younger citizens of the world.

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