Vipassana Meditation – A Journey Within

Vipassana Meditation – A Journey Within

Vipassana Meditation  – A Journey Within

Its all about striking the right balance in life…….

The focus of life is towards attaining liberation and vipassana is one such way to focus on one’s inner self and work towards developing a focused way of living.
Basically,Vipassana is all about seeing and more about accepting things as they are. And essentially, this meditation technique is one of the most ancient Indian techniques which was rediscovered by Gautam Buddha.

A simple yet profound understanding of “Vipassana meditation”…..

It is beautifully stated that “vipassana meditation is a way of self-transformation through self-observation”.

What is the course all about ?

It is a way of mental purification to face life’s tensions which further help in making contributions to society as a whole.

The minimum duration of the course extends upto 10 days. Infact, it is believed that in the earlier days, vipassana would be taught for nearly 7 weeks.

This course is very effective in silencing the minds of people.

The food provided during the course is also considered to be different from the normal diet or any specific diet for an individual.

The focus is on silencing body,speech and mind to gain supreme peace. As such,Vipassana is not merely about curing mental and physical disorders. It is one of the keys to learn to strike the right balance in life, to face the ongoing ups and downs in life.

S.N. Goenka popularly known as the Burmese-Indian teacher of vipassana meditation once said “The highest authority is one’s own experience of truth”.

How about the precepts of Vipassana meditation ?

Vipassana meditation essentially focuses on five precepts which are as follows:

-Not to kill.
-Not to tell lies.
-Not to cheat or steal.
-Not to take intoxicants.
-No sexual misconduct.

No wonder, this works best for those who believe in building a very deep connectivity with the supreme forces of the universe as this form of meditation leads to spiritual progress due to a very deep rooted cleansing of mind, body and heart.


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