Build your Image

Build your Image

Build your Image

Image building is not about your only makeover or personality development concept , it is far beyond a concept.

An individual carries his or her self image which may or may not be true. Now here comes the role of an Image consultant, like a doctor she assess the individual’s real problem whether it is her/his apperance contradicting her innerself or vice a versa Or individual needs are changing as per roles and goals in life.
For example you are recently promoted and your role has chaged in the organisation but people still see you in the previous role why? It is because you haven’t change as per your new roles and goals. Yes, you have to not only change your appearance outside but also need to bring changes inside also. So Image creation is an inside out concept.

You have to work upon your emotional intelligence as you can’t show and behave in the same manner you used to behave in your previous role . Similarly you need to change your appearance through clothing to add on more authority as per your new role and goal in life. If your new role is of heading an organisation then you have to look like one in your appearance too. Its not about wearing high price or brands . Its about weari g as per your petsonal comfort that is it should be Appropriate , Authentic, Affordable and Attractive.

So it is the the role of an Image Consultant to help you to build your Image as per personal needs. It’s not about fashion or personality development which is very generic. Image building is about creating a new you, to fit you in your new roles and goals in life. Identify your personal style, body shape, face shape, skin tone and decide your perfect wardrobe.

Once your outer image is authentic to your inner you , means you wear what you are not what the trend or fashion ruling the market. After establishing your personal style commes your manner of conduct. Agree or disagree one has to conduct appropriately as per role, occasion not only verbally ,infact through body also. True, your body language is equally important and must match with your verbal communication.

If one see holistically, your Image is package of your appearance, verbal communication, body language and etiquette. We learn these generally through environment by if we miss these aspects , one might land up into breaking image ignorantly.

Now each one of is lucky as one can build his image with help of Image coach. Decide what kind of Image you want to create for yourself and begin to create new you.


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