Fighting Forgiving

Fighting Forgiving

Fighting Forgiving

My wife and I fought a lot post a few months in our marriage.

We’d have a high decibel match almost every day about something.

Argumentatively I’d switch off my emotions.

She’d wait for me to do something not to her liking and I’d wait for her to say something that was irrational in my thoughts, and we’d go against each other like the battering ram.

Towards the end with no outcome out of it our silent minds and hearts sour we’d go to bed without saying a word.

“While we were dating, we promised each other. Never to take our quarrels to bed”

I would try to reconcile, admitting to thoughts and faults and everything I had done wrong.

“I probably raised my voice wee bit than normal.” Then I would enlist things she had done wrong.

“I’d seek pardon from my thoughts and words. And I’d ask her to do the same. We can forgive each other and move on with the day.”

Her response, “I am not a Light bulb! To switch on and off based on how you feel!”

“I’m trying to reconcile and look forward. But you are still stuck on the backward.”

And so we rode the downward spiral stairway…(To be continued)

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