My Kiddie My Buddy

My Kiddie My Buddy

My Kiddie My Buddy

Written by: Deepthi Musley

One of the most beautiful relationships the universe bestows upon a woman is her Baby.

My career aspirations inspired me for the last time in my dreams on the night of 15th Jan 2009. The next morning brought a surprising twist to our (my husband & me) lives. I woke up with a desire to be a MOTHER. I guess I had spoken more than enough to surprise my husband that morning. After he ensured he wasn’t dreaming, his eyes lit up like an incandescent bulb.

The morning of Jan 16th 2009 put me on the NEW TRACK of life. I was now hoping, to bring a new life into this world and my aspirations had evolved overnight. I was feeling ecstatic about committing to a LONG-TERM project which was going to fetch me priceless returns on my investment.

The next thing I did was to offer my wish at my GURU- Baba’s feet, during my routine morning prayers. As I headed to work, I soon got engrossed in the world outside. My life continued as usual for a couple of months after this. A sense of uneasiness had set in by then. There was a hollow I experienced within me, despite everything going my way. I had to address my state at the earliest.

A few months later, my husband and I had to attend a close friend’s party one evening. I felt unusually tired & lacked the enthusiasm to party. We drove back home early, and I slept like never before. The next morning, I went to visit my doctor along with my mother. The hollow I was experiencing filled with joy. The doctor told me I was going on a glee ride for the next nine months.

 I felt I had very little time to plan for everything my TOT would need once he or she arrived. I read & gathered all the possible information about motherhood, child care, and financial planning to secure my child’s future. My husband and I were gracefully directed by the universe to make all the suitable arrangements. The time of my delivery came, and MY UMBILICAL BUDDY arrived!

 My son helped me realize the value of patience for the first time in my life. Holding him in my arms, I experienced ENDLESS HAPPINESS & THE WORTH OF NINE MONTHS.

Life blessed me with a precious relationship. The only pre-requisite was unconditional love. My life had turned into a Fairy Dream.

There were so many simple things I learned from my baby. The first thing I learned was to communicate without using words & to understand things even without being told.

When the little man would make sounds, which baffled everyone else around, it always made perfect sense to me. It seemed like a language specially designed only for my baby & me to understand.

As he grew older by the day, he taught me the art of time management. His excitement to see me when I returned home from work always lit up every corner of my heart. When he toddled with me, he made me realize how to catch up with life’s pace.

His curious eyes when I read a story to him, helped me find the deeper meaning of simple words. When I decided everything for myself after making him the priority, I discovered the true meaning of HAPPINESS.

 Every moment of his victory, every miss of his, all his achievements, every tantrum of his, & the expression of his love only makes me a better mother each day. The garland of his arms around my neck and his whispers in my ears are all my energy chargers.


Over Seven years now & for the remaining life, I pray my Kiddie & I remain Best Buddies!

Loads of Love


Deepthi Musley
Deepthi Musley

Deepthi Musley is an NLP practitioner/Coach/Trainer/Blogger/Author/Lyricist

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