I want to cry!!

I want to cry!!


A brief about me – I stay with my family, everyone loves me a lot. My mother is just like my friend and my father is proud of me. I am an independent woman. I have found a love of my life; he takes care of me and loves me the most.

Despite a good and a blessed life, I feel like sobbing when I hold my cell-phone in my hand and go through some specific news. My heart tells my brain every time to skip it, but a part of my brain which is very keen in knowing the current affairs in the world always dominates, making me read the news.

I want to cry my heart out.  I am sure many of us feel the same when we feel the pain which women in Syria, Iraq and a part of Philippines feel when under the ISIS dominance, are going through. Whenever I read news about them, I go through a feeling which I fail to describe verbally as well as in writing. I feel like crying and shouting, sometimes even pull out my hair in exasperation. I feel some pain in my throat and in next few seconds, it gets choked up.

We can fight with the one who attacks us physically, how to fight with those who attack our soul? How to fight with those who treat you in the worst possible way? The word ‘Se* Slave’ is written and talked about very casually. The word has a very deep meaning. The pain of going through it is worse than a death. What will get the perpetrators to realize the meaning of a woman’s dignity and self-respect? Doesn’t her self-respect lie in her own image in her mind about herself?  On being treated in a manner, she would not even thought in her worst nightmare, will her living spirit not be crushed to death?  What is to become of her dreams, wishes, plans for her future, when someone suddenly attacks her territory and captures her and her whole family.

I want to cry hard and I don’t want the outside world to notice me. I now know at what level our parents care for us and hence I don’t have courage to think about the emotions of parents whose daughters go through such brutal situations. If god exists, I want to ask him whether I can give all my positivity, strength and courage to all those girls who are fighting such demonic circumstances.

I might feel relieved after crying for some time, what about her? Will she be able to forget what has happened with her? Can  just a good cry take out all dark memories off her mind?  I can conceal my tears but her tears are so visible without me seeing her or many other girls like her.

I want to cry but would my cry relieve her from her suffering?


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