Not to lose yourself in a relationship.

Not to lose yourself in a relationship.

It was raining heavily outside.Netra was alone in her home determined to enjoy the weather outside and sort out everything inside. Thinking of her past only brought tears in her eyes. Sitting in her balcony and sipping her favorite hot ginger tea she realised there is no point saying her feelings to her husband. Words will not have any impact anymore. There was a turmoil inside her. 2 bhk spacious flat suddenly started to have collapsing walls making it difficult for her to breathe. Her life had come to standstill. She couldn’t explain herself to anyone. The ideal role model couple was now a stranger to each other in their bedroom. All hopes were against a hope and tears made her feel little light. 10 years ago she fought for this boy against her family only for feelings and love. She understood that the only honest confession he made today was regretting their marriage.

From being 24*7 together they had now started seeing each other hardly for 20 minutes in a day and talk for maximum 2 minutes until n unless it was an emotional breakout or fights and arguments. Today she doesn’t even feel like talking to him..Is this progress?? And if yes where are they heading to?

Once upon a time he madly loved her, her continuous talks, couldn’t stay away for long and today he doesn’t even want to see her face.Little did he knew that for her, he was the world.
Life brings love with an expiry date? Then why is the expiry date not known in the beginning.Why do people say love grows deeper with should be said love dies as you get older.

Netra is now emotionless.she has collected herself from the broken pieces and promised to herself only to live for her.she said to herself- “I would achieve everything I never even thought of..I will reach heights unimaginable. This is new me..more confident, independent Netra.. unstoppable and yes more silent and towards will now take huge efforts to reach original me..I plan not to reveal my real self to anyone anymore.just be myself..coz I am the power. I am my own strength. ”

To find out Netra’s husbands prespective wait for the next writing.
To be continued…

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