Not to lose yourself in a relationship- The End!

Not to lose yourself in a relationship- The End!

The couple Samay n Netra have deep significance in our lives. Time and perspective have to be in the same direction as to have things going perfectly right in your life.Netra to see Samay can solve multiple problems in one go.Every couple should inherit these literal meaning in their life to have a great relationship.Right perspective at the right time is incredible.

The word break in marriage is not known in our society.Why?? When two people are not comfortable with each other, it is better to be away from each other for sometime rather to be unhappy and frustrated. Our society has to understand the importance of individual existence.

Netra has understood now that it’s impossible to be together. Samay is just pretending to be ok with her, actually he is still compromising and has accepted that he has to life his life-like this forever. Netra is in dilemma that after knowing everything how can she do this to Samay. After all she still loves him way beyond everything.So, she has decided to shift away from Samay’s life. She is aware that this will cause lots of chaos in both families, but she has to accept this and give a chance to herself to correct everything. Staying with Samay is not possible for her.Her pillow every night alone knows the pain she bears in her heart. Samay’s ignorance is not acceptable to her anymore. She has to do this.

Samay too knows nothing can be back to normal and shows little hesitation in the beginning. But then finally accepts that he is not happy with Netra. A short break is inevitable.

If a break can give clarity about future then why not try it.

As the writer of these articles, I am not sure if this break will bend or mend their relationship, but I can just conclude, don’t force yourself to do something against your heart, just for society or because of fear. Had Samay gathered the courage to tell the truth to Netra before marriage, things would had been very different.
Had Netra understood Samay and reasons behind his irritation, life would had been different. A complete miscommunication has changed their lives forever. Had Netra been little practical and mature,things would had been different.The real love is yet to prove itself.This break will definitely define their future. Time would heal all.

Space is very important in any relationship. Above that communicating truly and honestly can be a great savior. Loving someone is good, but loving someone else more than yourself is not okay. And anything that’s not okay is NOT okay.we must learn to say NO.

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Sulekha Posted on6:54 am - Feb 5, 2018

Hi Richa, nicely written that prior understanding makes sense to a relationship. The highlight of the article is “Her pillow every night alone knows the pain she bears in her heart” and “Learn to say NO.” The real cause of Samay’s irritation if elaborated could add weight to the story. You are blessed with creative language and power of conviction.

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