An Ode to DURGA – Part 3 (a) Aai Giri Nandini

An Ode to DURGA – Part 3 (a) Aai Giri Nandini

An Ode to DURGA – Part 3 (a) Aai Giri Nandini

My journey in Kolkatta continues….

So I was taken by those same friends to a Durga Bhajan Samaroh and being a keen singer I was given a cyclostyled sheet of some bhajans as well as mantras which I had never been privy to before.

There was one particular bhajan in heavy Sanskrit which I liked enjoyed and sang the most.

My introduction to Aai Giri Nandini was laid,totally unknown to me then.

Cut to :

The next thing I know is that I am taking a bow in front of an audience at the Durga Utsav 2017.

I have Alta on my hands (see related pic )and have myself choreographed a ballet as a Durga Vandana.

The day: My birthday.

It was magical.
I could feel Maa’s presence.
I could sense her blessings.
I saw and witnessed the Power of her hands which had automatically translated into mine.

Those with Alta….remember.

The journey continues…

Gehna Mehra
Gehna Mehra

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