Rags to Riches..

Rags to Riches..

Rags to Riches..

After speaking with Pushkraj over the phone for some time, Aditya concluded the discussion on the sad note. Later he also sent the formal email to Pushkraj asking him to stop coming for the work. The situation had changed and Aditya was, unwillingly, trying to adapt to the new life. He was sad, extremely sad. All his life he had thought only about his business, wealth, properties and cars. He was practical and boastful about his achievements in his real life. But then nothing remained. He was scattered. The Low Battery warning on his laptop broke this chain of thoughts. In an attempt to come out of the bad mood, he decided to go downstairs and have breakfast.

When he was in the Dining Area, his servant, Vishu got surprised to see him there. Aditya had always preferred having his meals in his room while working on his laptop or while having meetings with Pushkraj in his cabin, which was built by the side of his room. Without talking much Vishu served the food to his owner and went on opening the curtain and then a glass window by the side of the dining table. The sun-rays entered and landed mildly on Aditya’s face. He had always avoided direct sun-beams in order to protect his skin from tan. But today he was so engrossed in his thoughts that he didn’t even realize that he was experiencing the never wanting thing on his face. He was quick to finish his breakfast and then he moved to the porch outside his bungalow just to see his beloved car. He stood there staring at the car for a while and simultaneously moving his hand over it. He was asking Universe why he had to go through such a situation. He then started walking around his house and while pondering over his past, he eventually entered the garden. This time the sound of a small fountain at the right side of the garden’s entrance broke his chain of thoughts. The combination of showering water, it’s enchanting sound and the shiny effect the water had acquired with the blessings of solar rays were more than enough to attract his attention. He liked the view and he stared at it for a while. He rarely visited the garden; the garden had always been a worthless piece of land for him. The brown bench at the left side of the garden was waiting for years to welcome and serve its owner. He went forward and sat on it. His emotions then got a fair chance to give justice to his thoughts. The series of events he had been through started playing in his mind. A sudden diversion of all his clients to the rival Enterprise, receiving no new clients despite full-fledged marketing of his firm, the increasing pressure of debts, the stress to pay his workforce and then one fine day discovering that he was bankrupt were the key highlights of his then thought waves. He started feeling guilty about losing his father’s wealth which he had inherited.  His regret of not being able to take the right decision at the right time forced a tear out of his eye.  He breathed deep and started replaying the client meetings and the kind of humiliation he had to go through. A sudden chirping of the birds disturbed his thoughts this time. A flock of birds had come at the tree which was standing tall by the side of his bench. He looked at them once and then made his way to his room.

Next day morning, he followed the same routine of going to the garden and sitting there for some time with his thoughts. It became a habit and even the duration increased gradually. Unlike previously, he spoke often with Vishu and Vishu’s wife, Asha. Aditya had also started being understanding and considerate towards both of them. Vishu was curious, despite being Bankrupt, what was keeping Aditya so positive. Many of Aditya’s habits were changed. He had started spending time sitting on the balcony feeling the breeze on his face. To Vishu’s surprise, he had also spotted Aditya watering plants in the garden many times. Aditya was never so nature-loving person; Vishu and Asha were witnessing Aditya’s transformation. Few months passed by and they started experiencing a company of new Aditya.

One morning, while Aditya was sitting on his balcony and feeling the air, he received a call from Pushkraj. Pushkraj had been successful in setting up a meeting with one of their previous clients. They both knew getting the project would be difficult considering Aditya’s current financial condition. Next day morning, Aditya attended the client meeting with Pushkraj in one of the restaurants. The proposed project was not in any sense straightforward. It was previously assigned to someone else but it failed. Now things are even more challenging with less time in hand. Aditya acknowledged these facts. He spoke about all the relationships he had built over time with different sub-contractors and suppliers, and how that would be critical in turning around this work. The kind of positivity and passion he displayed in the meeting made them win the deal eventually. The prospective client was truly impressed with the discussions. Aditya was worrying only about having no capital to start over again. The prospective client knew Aditya’s current situation. He could feel some kind of connection with Aditya and some of Aditya’s confidence flowed to him. The prospective client even agreed to make the full payment before Aditya could start working on it. Aditya initially could not believe his ears. He was relieved. Thanking Pushkraj and their new client, he left for the home.

In next few months, Aditya had started going to work but he did find out some time for himself. He did continue his visits to garden and he did sit on the balcony in the night. One fine day, while Aditya was sitting in his room ,Vishu came in with a cup of Tea. Aditya noticed his expressions. He had been noticing Vishu and Asha’s articulations during his transition period.  He knew what they were thinking. A practical and a little rude person was changed. He had turned into a better human being. Vishu had never seen him so content even when Aditya was at the peak of his career. Then, when Aditya had just one project in hand he was happier and more satisfied than ever before. Aditya had answers to Vishu’s questions. He knew that he was changed and he knew why he was changed. He changed because he talked with himself. He changed because he knew what he wanted in his life. He changed because he was connected to himself. His soul was tied to that of birds’, his happiness was hidden in the shine the fountain water was wearing, he was fond of the gust of fresh wind he had been feeling after sitting in his balcony, he used to get energized after sitting under sunlight. He was associated with nature. He was connected to all the souls around him, including Vishu’s and Asha’s. He had realized that his happiness was not only about his dreams; his happiness was nature around him too. His happiness was not just earning clients for his business; his happiness was connecting and being in unison with other souls around too. His life was not just being practical and earning money, his life was much more than that. The purpose of his life was not just building an empire his father had founded; it was more about maintaining his originality. He was more content than ever in his life. He knew what he wanted to be at peace. He realized that he was poor before since he never possessed the richness of self-realization. He recalled that previously he was never connected with anybody but to money and still he never could sleep without worrying. But today, he was free. He was a free bird open to explore himself. He was the sunrays that filled his dining room. He was the fountain of water that dazzled in the morning sun. He was attached to the divine power in the universe. He was spiritual. He could successfully turn himself from ‘Rags to Riches’. Thanking the universe for bringing him closer to himself, he lifted his office bag and left the room.

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