Today I am diverting bit from my CHANGE YOUR EMOTIONS, CHANGE YOUR LIFE series.  Today remembered an instance happened few years back and felt to share the same. This is neither a story nor an article.  It’s just my thoughts felt to share with

“May I come in?” Shruti – one of my clients was asking me.

“Welcome Shruti. Please come in. I replied. I continued, “After long time I am seeing you.  You are looking down. What happened?”

“I wanted to give you sad news.  Saurav committed suicide few days back.” She said with tears in her eyes.

I was shocked to hear the same.  Saurav, Shruti’s elder brother was no more.  I know Shruti  for few months only.  One day few months back Shruti appeared in front of me for help and told her story as someone gave her my reference and I can help her in her matter.  She told me that she is in her 40s, settled in USA.  Last 20 years living in New York City with handsome (with handsome earnings)husband and two teenager kids.  Few years back she left the job and managing her home only.  She continued. “We are three sisters and only brother Saurav.  He is eldest one and I am the youngest. We used to live in a very posh and one of the richest localities of the city.  My parental house is still there but my sisters, their families and my brother (age 62 years, still unmarried). I used to visit India very often when my parents were alive. Few years back my mother died and last year daddy too.  Before death, my father made a Will. As per the will properties and huge amount of deposits (for which four of us were nominee.  Daddy given us the copies of those deposit receipts saying that we should know about the same) with Bank among four of us. And that was the problem for my sisters.  Few days after dad’s death, I went back to USA.  Here my sisters with the help of forged signatures changed dad’s will.  They tortured Saurav physically and mentally.  They declare him mentally sick hence he will not be able to handle financial matter hence everything will in hands of sisters here as they will be taking care of him. I don’t want anything for me but concerned about Saurav only.  He became weak as my sisters not taking due care of him, not giving him food too.  He is at the age that he cannot work and he has to be dependent on someone. I want he should get what he deserves and dad kept for him. Now tell me, whether we can do anything for him in this matter? How I can proceed further?”

While listening to her story I was thinking, is money so important than human beings? Really money created these problems or our greed of money created these problems? How can be money so important than relations?  Is there not value of human being?  Is money bad or we people? My thought process disturbed when she asked me again, “I came to you with a hope as someone really praised your working and you only can help me in the matter.”

We discussed how to proceed further to get money in Saurav’s name.  I referred her to an advocate who will help her. She was doing some procedures & documentation to file case against her sisters had some emergency at New York.  She came to me and said, “Going to New York for two days.  Meanwhile advocate will complete other formalities required in the matter.”

I thought her stay must be extended for some or other reason as she didn’t turn up for a month.  And today she was in front of me and giving me news about Saurav’s suicide. I was speechless and was not able to understand what to say and how to console . She only started again, “As I told you, I returned from New York after two days.  My sisters did not allow me to stay at home as was going against them.  I stayed in hotel.  Next day around 4 a.m. received a call from servant at home and he gave me news that Bhaiya (Bro) committed suicide.  When I reached home everything was finished.  Sisters didn’t allow me to go there and see his body.”

Tears were rolling down on her face.  I was still in shock.  After few minutes she said, “I am leaving the city forever.  Nothing is there to come here again.  You helped me a lot during this period. Whether we will meet again or not I really don’t know but you will always be in my memories.”

She left my cabin with a question behind her, “Really Saurav committed suicide or her sisters murdered him?” How could I ask this question to her?

‘Really Saurav committed suicide?’

Pratibha Badurkar

(Relationship Engineer)


(Based on true story, to maintain secrecy names in the write up are changed)



Pratibha Badurkar is Spiritual Coach/Guide/Healer. She is channel of Divine in transforming thousands of lives with Spiritual Coaching and healing. Contributed in an International Book ‘Goodness Abounds’. Loves to travel, reads a lot and music & photography is her passion. She is a NLP practitioner, To reach people across the Globe and to spread happiness & peace through different healing modalities is her mission. She conducts program on Wellness, Relationship and Life transformation. Working on three solo books which will be released soon.

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