Which one are you?

Which one are you?

According to an old Greek saying, the perfection comes in 3’s. So, there are three kinds of people you meet in life…


These are those who are observers, who let life pass through them like one whiles away time, like someone who is a mere receiver and let things happen around them and they cope, they love the regimental drill and seek predictable pattern. They often bask in the peace and the glory or victories of the past, never quite cutting the cords, seldom seeking to amend and reform. They are contentment personified at the risk of perpetual procrastination. Stable and strong as an oak tree, they weather their storms complaining or not, resolving to bounce back stronger, staying frigid and holding on to their roots, never aspiring for the flight of change and evolve.


And then there are those who go about their lives like a rebellious wind going in all directions ruffling, unfurling, ready to discover new and sweep the old.They refuse to let life happen, wanting to create one, ever searching for newer horizons often defying customary and commonplace. Risking it all, staking high, they sink, rise and evolve. Discovering newer depths within their own boundless ocean of thoughts and planting new saplings of perspectives, fearlessly and freely. Creating new abandon the old, constantly striving to shun the bounds, they are the seekers.


They are ones who usually have seen and experienced both. They are born with the gift of moderation and balance. Creative, gutsy spirit spiced with the wisdom of an old soul. They are imbued with the zest of a kindred reckless and blessed with the levelheaded contentment of a monk. Rare gems, they are the ones who seek and evolve with a purpose to pacify their wandering soul. And they do so with a balance, patience and wisdom constantly gratifying their need to evolve at a controlled pace avoiding leisure but not denying pleasures to their thirsty souls.


Which one are you?

Knowing oneself is a journey. It is dynamic, mysterious, mind-boggling and challenging at times.  But, it is also rewarding and fulfilling. We can be one of the above or a fusion of the two. It’s important just to take the plunge, travel inside the realms of your soul and unleash the beauty and power that lies within.

Bharti Girdhar
Bharti Girdhar

Bharti Girdhar is a Bangalore based Interior designer and an aspiring author. She successfully runs her design venture Bougainvillea studio for the last15 years. She has penned her experiences as a guide to home makers and design students, in the soon to be released book, “Home Wise-Sense and Sensibilities around home design”. A brief stint at teaching was followed with more than two decades of Entrepreneurship as a designer.

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