Zeniths And Nadirs –The oscillation between the highs and lows of life.

Zeniths And Nadirs –The oscillation between the highs and lows of life.

Zeniths And Nadirs –The oscillation between the highs and lows of life.


Dissipation of Ego

It is often said a seeker reaches the zenith of his spiritual achievements only when the ego disappears, the disappearance of Ego brings out the true Divine self.The same can be applied in the material world; when one reaches the pinnacle of success in a holistic manner, the inner peace which reflects in one’s aura is undeniable. That is the reason we often see successful people turning into philanthropists, once their goals are achieved. How much joy this wealth begets them once it is given away for the benefit of others!

Creation & Destruction

We, humans, are the pinnacles of creation –our incredibly dynamic larynx, our opposable thumbs, our rationality and thinking power give us that unique identity. But our egocentrism combined with a thirst for power, a predisposition towards violence are factors which plummet us to the nadirs of life i.e. is the destruction of human life.

Symbol of hope and despair

The Taj Mahal is considered a pinnacle of Mughal architecture, an epitome of a Badshah Shahajan’s undying love for his beautiful wife Mumtaz. But at what price! The 22000 workers who built this magnificent symbol of love were maimed for life; on the Emperor’s orders so that they would not replicate this masterpiece. A great paradox isn’t it!

Dangerous Liaisons

Most marriages, relationships reach their nadir when spouses reach the pinnacles of their professional life. The small joys of life go flying right out of the window as the couples no longer have quality time in spite of the big achievements coming their way. Often the solution to bridge the gap between the highs and lows of these associations is by laying the relationships to rest!

On the path Divine

King Ashoka of Maurya dynasty, before he came to be known as ‘Ashoka the Great’ had reached the nadir of destruction and decadence in the battle of Kalinga. This very battle arena proved the turning point of his life when self-realization crept in bringing in the awareness and consciousness that the path he was treading upon was not the righteous one. Buddhism came into his life as a blessing, as atonement for his sins teaching him the highest values of human life – divinity, compassion towards one and all and last but not the least spirituality. Hence transforming the barbaric Emperor Ashoka into Ashoka the Great’! Thus whatever we want to become we have to seek it inside us and radiate it outside.

Humiliation and Reparation

Draupadi the most outstanding character from the Mahabharata reached the nadir of her life-her disrobing by the wicked Dushasana on Duryodhana’s orders and the helplessness of all the other greats like Bhishma, Guru Dronacharya to come to her aid. It’s through her spirituality, strength of character and, her steely resolve to stand besides her family against all odds and the penultimate of all –Krishna’s timely answering of her prayers we see her emerging as a vanquisher transforming the humiliation ‘Draupadi Vastraharan’ –as a pinnacle event of the Mahabharata; immortalized in time.

Blessings and Curses

Kunti’s prayer to Lord Krishna is that let our life be full of nadirs time and again. Isn’t this an unusual and mystifying wish to ask of the Divine? The logic will behind this will leave speechless and thunderstruck- the Lord’s existence in their lives was synchronous with anguish and sufferings.His presence had the capacity to mitigate the trials and tribulations of her sons, the ‘Pandavas’ hence this unwonted prayer to the Lord………

So whenever I reach the nadir of my helplessness I implore the Divine to come beside me, their holiness helps me swim the high waters and come out if not victorious but more tolerant, more pure, and receptive and compassionate of the powers Divine.

Tanishq Dedhia

Aparna Dedhia, from Mumbai .She is a textile designer, writer for travel sites, blogs and is a ghost writer. Her main interests lies in connecting with people and giving life to their emotions through her writing.

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