How to get a nett positive balance in your relationship’s saving account?

How to get a nett positive balance in your relationship’s saving account?

How to get a nett positive balance in your relationship’s saving account?

Weird? Is it? What do I mean?

Whenever we mention the word relationship, it triggers a positive vibe in the brain. The very genesis of the word is “relation” is optimistic and therefore at the drop of this word, we all scout for names that we either have positive relations with or want to have positive relations with!!!

But there also is an unknown dimension to it.

Relations that are destined to happen.  Relations where you don’t get to choose. How do you break that ice? How do you survive that situation?

Over my recent #SoloTrip to Indonesia, I met a mature couple in the flight. A simple smile, a small help, a minute exchange of information was enough to make us friends , I can say… for a lifetime.

Every great friendship begins first with a need, and ours was no different. We agreed to share cabs to our common destination, trying to save costs. The unknown relation which seemed momentary at that moment ( it was too early to call it a friendship) had just found an extended reason to exist.

On the way, we shared meals, chose to see a few tourist attractions and by the end of the day we had decided to spend the next few days together. The essence of this juvenile, prospering & vivacious relation was the innocence and purity of the relationship itself. With nothing to loose and only to gain (through each other’s company), this fragile relation found HOPE. The Vitamin D3, that holds the relations together.

A relationship flourishes when we are allowed to express our colors. A relationship starts holding its head ( like a new-born child)  when we are confident the other will not judge. A relationship gains strength when we connect by will than by force . That exactly was the story being formed.

Time flew in their company and now it was time to come back. They actually had became my pseudo parents over the trip. With some hard-to-say goodbyes and difficult-to-part hugs we took our respective flights back, they being my dominant thought on my entire way.

Two things we all do that spoils our relations is : Trying to change the other to our will. Second, being the receiver of good in a relation.

The key take-away from the entire solo experience was that we all seek acceptance. We all desire to be approved and received as we are!!! Where we see this acceptance, we rush in for the relation. The exact opposite hold equal potency.

We all need love. In this world, which is struggling with immense scarcity of love, if each one is moving around with a negative balance of love, how can he/she be expected give the same to their partner in the relationship? It could be professional, personal, chosen or destined!

With this backdrop, a person who can give, will be flocked by all, as he is the one who is full. Full of love, contentment, happiness, joy and hope. The thought extends to the fact that if you are happy, you can make the people around you happy( by giving that happiness). If you can love yourself, only then can you make others love you ( by giving love). Give more, to receive more!

Therefore, contrary to the common belief of being the receiver, the thrill, fun, adventure and kick lies in being the giver. Invest in these individual relationship accounts. Keep depositing till the time the balance therein, is negative to neutral to positive. It will only be a matter of time when you actually start receiving (perks) for your deposits and can also withdraw ( favors) from the same.

Therefore,simply by keeping a check on the net balance of you relationship accounts, you can improve the financials of your EQ . Happy Giving!

This #christmas #season, love #BeingSanta more than ever!



How To Get Over A Bad Breakup Posted on11:02 am - Dec 19, 2017

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Sulekha Posted on11:43 am - Feb 2, 2018

Punita! you are an incredible observer, deep thinker. You are blessed with ease of conversation and illustration. You have the ability to relate an accident and an excursion. Vitamin D3 holds the relation together was quite a smart highlight. Keep up with the fabulous creation of your travel diaries as its so full of wisdom and self awareness.

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