Its All Up on Your Mind

Its All Up on Your Mind

Its All Up on Your Mind
Sometimes you try and sometimes it makes you cry
Sometimes you fail but again sometimes you fly high
Its possible,Coz its all up on your mind
Some will say you are not a good risk taker
Some will say you are not a good money maker
But you have to prove what you are,as “Its all up on your mind.”
There will be a time when you will feel,
Life should give you a chance to heal
Sometimes we might end up in trouble,
As the problems of your life seem like a bubble
But have the courage to come of it and
show the world what you are kind,as Its all up on ur mind.
About the Author:
This article has been written by Our Creative Kabira Community Member Sandeep Mukherjee. He is a Soft Skills trainer, working with a reputed skill development organisation. He has been through the toughest phases of life, you can Call it “Rags To Riches.”  He stood for himself at that phase of time, when no one was with Him. He believes to be a *Rays of Hope* for those who  find it Difficult to battle alone, and he has a group by the same name. Sandeep is an aspiring motivational speaker, life long learner and a passionate Reiki Healer, who believes that even one person can make a Difference.

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Milind Kher Posted on1:45 pm - Dec 24, 2017

Very sensitively written and it provides a lot of hope for the reader!!

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