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Received above picture on WhatsApp.  What is first thought came to your mind after seeing above picture?  When I asked this question to friends, following are answers  by them or they perceived the picture as –

  • Fate of every woman is same, particularly in Rural India. Their journey starts for struggling and ends with carrying water.
  • Good coordination among these women.  They are handling the pot very well !
  • There are different ways to handle the things as every woman in the picture is carrying the pot differently.
  • Good collaboration and team work!

Really different perspectives !

When I saw the same, I thought it depicts water scarcity! Three women got only one pot of water! Water scarcity is burning issue for mankind. All of us are concerned about water levels as they are reducing day by day.

Then I saw the narration below the picture.  It says ‘every woman carries her responsibilities differently.  The pot appears to be carried by each lady… interesting painting…..’.  Oh I never thought this way!  Really we carry our responsibilities differently.  Not only women but all of us without any exception carry our responsibilities differently.

Then I started lookin the picture again and I thought –

Three women in the picture are depicting three Chakras centers on which our body functions.

  • The lady with violet background represents our Crown Chakra and she is evolved and active crown chakra & crown chakra related to spirituality and connected to our higher soul.
  • The lady with blue background represents our Throat Chakra and she depicts creativity as Throat Chakra is related to creativity.
  • The lady with green background represents our Heart Chakra & she depicts love and compassion.
  • The pot represents our Root Chakra that is the base of our existence.

Spirituality, creativity and love & compassion are the qualities required to live a healthy life.

Painter used the Colours of Chakras as the same of the chakras (Crown – Violet, Throat- Blue, Heart- Green and Root Chakra-Red) and positioning of the ladies are also as the position of Chakras are located (At topmost Crown, then Throat and then Heart !) Amazing !

In life also it happens always.  Life appears to us as we perceive the same and perceive the things from observations we made since our childhood or whatever taught to us.  The reality of whatever happening occurring around us may not be necessarily as we see or perceive the same.  Do you remember a scene in the movie Akhari Rasta of Amitabh Bachhan ?  In the scene senior Amitabh writes 9 on his hand and shows to junior Amitabh and says, “It must be looking as 6 from your side.  Both of us are right but difference is in our positioning.”

Yes, always, in our life or whatever happening around us is matter of positioning.  Perception and reality are two different things. There are things known and unknown & in between are the doors of perception!  Close the doors of perception and look the things as it is, accept the things as they are and see how the wonderful our life is !!!



Pratibha Badurkar is Spiritual Coach/Guide/Healer. She is channel of Divine in transforming thousands of lives with Spiritual Coaching and healing. Contributed in an International Book ‘Goodness Abounds’. Loves to travel, reads a lot and music & photography is her passion. She is a NLP practitioner, To reach people across the Globe and to spread happiness & peace through different healing modalities is her mission. She conducts program on Wellness, Relationship and Life transformation. Working on three solo books which will be released soon.


Aparna Posted on2:46 pm - Dec 16, 2017

lovely interpretation.

    Pratibha Posted on5:06 am - Dec 18, 2017

    Thank you Aparna

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