Peace with Mother, is the Foundation of Peace with All

Peace with Mother, is the Foundation of Peace with All

Peace with Mother, is the Foundation of Peace with All

Mother’s love is Peace. It need not be acquired, it need not be deserved – Erich Fromm

On my last article, I have written about being at peace with own self, which is the basis of bringing peace in any relationship.

So here I am talking about a relationship which begins at the very beginning. The relationship that we share with our mothers.

We are connected to our mothers before we know our self, even before we have seen the world. It is rightly said that the mother’s womb is the most peaceful universe for an unborn child. The deepest connection we carry is with our mother, which is not measurable anyway.

There is no way we can give back to our mother for all her selfless love, care and sacrifice, even if we do our best. We can do our best by giving her love, care and affection but that will not even be a drop in the ocean against her love and sacrifice.

Mother is much above any relationship, we carry in this world. Our parents and siblings are the relation which we cannot choose our self. We are bonded with these relations through divine force. These relations are the gift to us, gift because we have not chosen them.

So, when we get gift from a friend or anyone, how much we adore them. Whereas, we often forget the best  gift we have received from nature, with time we take them for granted. We often forget to nurture and adore these beautiful gift.

The importance of the Mother has been made most significant in all religions. In Islam for example it is said that “the Heaven lies below the feet of the Mother and the Father is the doorway to Heaven”.

Every religion, every generation, every race, every nation, every community has always considered a very special place for mother. If we are not able to make peace with our mother, who is actually the source of peace for us in this world unconditionally, we cannot be at peace with ourselves.

How are you bringing in peace in your mother’s life? When was the last time you have really given time to her and have done something which she really loves?

I remember last year going for a wedding, where I met my distant cousin. She was continuously crying as she had lost her mother few months back and had not come to terms with her loss. She was actually forced by her husband to attend the wedding so that she get distraction from her loss. But nothing was giving her peace of mind and allowing her to accept the loss.

While talking to her I realized she had a lot of guilt inside. Guilt of taking her mother for granted, guilt of complaining about her mother for every small reason which her mother use to bear smilingly, guilt of not giving her mother enough time and not understanding her enough. It was not that she was not able to accept that her mother is no more, she was actually not able accept the fact that she has not given some peaceful time to her mother, when she was alive. Ever she did know, she will not even get a chance to repent while her mother being alive. Nothing in this world can now bring her that love and affection, that which is priceless.

People several times find it a big deal just to give a call to their mother in between their busy schedule. Yet many people never get a chance to speak to them again.

We all should remind ourselves time and again that it is our responsibility to bring peace in our mother’s life.

When the topic of mother, comes, it is always an universal topic.

The universe is the proof there is no comparison of mothers love, sacrifice, which is beyond any race, nation, community.

Miss World 2017, Manushi Chiller from India, when asked the question in her final round, ‘’Which profession deserves the highest salary and why?’’

She won everyone’s heart with the reply, ‘’I think a mother deserves the highest respect & when you talk about salary it’s not always about cash but I feel it’s the love and respect you give to someone. My mother has always been the biggest inspiration in my life. All mothers sacrifice so much for their kids. So, I think it is the job of a mother that deserves the highest salary.’’

Her reply not only won her the Miss World 2017 title, it also earned her respect and appreciation from across the globe. Her reply is also a message to this young generation, to understand the status of a mother and value the presence of their mother, in their life.

It is true that we value, what we pay for. If we start paying our mother for their selfless service and love, we will go bankrupt and then also we will be left in her debt.  Love and respect is the least that we can do for our mother, to acknowledge her selfless love and sacrifice she has done, though still it is not enough, as we can never compensate it.

Our relationship with our mother is the foundation of our relationship with the world. It needs a very little effort to bring peace in relationship with our mother, by small gestures of taking care of her and loving her.

  • Find out her about her dreams which was never fulfilled as she was busy fulfilling everyone’s need sacrificing her dream.
  • Try to gives her small surprises that makes her feel she is valuable.
  • Listen to her carefully when she speaks, even if it is not your favourite topic of discussion
  • Don’t criticize her, even you may have seen the world, still she is your mother who has seen the world more than you.
  • Even if her thoughts doesn’t match yours, doesn’t matter. Our thoughts doesn’t match with many. She is also a human being with her own mind to think and speak.

She doesn’t expect much, a little from her child is more than a mountain of happiness for her. Let’s all cherish our mother everyday, as she is our peace in this world and let us bring peace, love to her life.

Do share with me, what special you have done for your mother this week, this month and this year? Let’s make some efforts to bring peace to our mothers life.














Shirin Latif
Shirin Latif

Shirin Latif worked as an Interior Designer/ Project Manager, with different Multinational 5 star hotel brands, to set up the interiors over the past 15 years. Her work has made her travel to many places, which has given her an opportunity to work with almost 99 nationalities under one roof. That made her realise immensely, all human being are same in terms of emotions and feelings irrespective of nationality and race. While beautifying the places as part of her work & passion, over the years has made her always wonder. “Are people living in beautiful places, are also feeling beautiful with a contented and happy life?” Her experiences made her transform herself into a transformational coach, while dealing with real life issues. Her mission is to help transforming the lives of 500000 people by next five years, to help them discover & rediscover themselves.

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