Wedding is for a Day, Marriage is for Lifetime

Wedding is for a Day, Marriage is for Lifetime

Wedding is for a Day, Marriage is for Lifetime

Since their Wedding, Jenny and Arthur like any sweet couple were on fire. Love kindled and sparks flew every time they touched each other. Well, thats when intimacy is at its peak.

Their “Non of your business” deeds weren’t restricted to the cozy bedroom, the hall, the kitchen and even the balcony! Geez Gosh they did keep the curtains on. It was never a dull day, post the honeymoon to a exotic island these two love birds seemed to have found more love in each other.

While both resumed work, much to delight as much as they were in company of their colleague their hearts found a way to connect. Technology connected them with each other even when they weren’t with each other.

Fighting their way with peak traffic to reach home and be in the arms of each other, where the days rush and stress seemed nothing compared to their desires to be with each other.

Days, Months passed away and Jenny conceived and they were blessed with a beautiful baby girl. Happiness knew no bounds with Arthur, Jenny and Lil Tiara contributing to joys of life each day.

As days went by and lil Tiara was growing up, Jenny decided to be home maker to devote more time at home and their lil princess. Arthur climbed up the career ladder and started putting extra time at work as his role demanded a lot from him.

A while latter Jenny and Arthur started feeling a pinch with income source had come to only Arthur drawing and Jenny taking care of the home. But they managed it well with a budget and looking at only what was needed as their priority was Tiara.

With all this Arthur’s work demanding more of him, he returned home late with little or no time to play with his beloved daughter and Jenny would leave the dinner at the table since she would be tired with her household chores.

Jenny did present her opinion on Arthurs late return home which snow balled into a quarrel. Arthur explaining his part why he needed to put in extra hours and Jenny contributing with her part that she played at home and how much she needed him to spend time with Tiara and her.

Quarrels turned to verbal wars, void started filling with things with they would say to each other.

Days and Nights went by without resolving the conflict, (Something both had promised each other not to go to bed without resloving a disconnect)

The words of the priest echoed in their minds “Wedding is for a Day, Marriage is for a Lifetime” post their wedding vows, to be with each other in happiness and in sickness and pain.

Isn’t  this a typical scenario where most couples encounter a void, that keeps filling up with things that we say to each other and we don’t.

  1. Why does Jenny feel that Arthur doesn’t have time for her and their daughter?
  2. Why does Arthur feel that Jenny is not able to fathom his love and responsibility for the family?


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