Wedding Vows

Wedding Vows

Wedding Vows

Jenny and Arthur were struck by cupid, post meeting at a common friends get together. They were an instant click with angels singing love songs like a halo around their heads.

Jenny a small wonder standing at 5’2 her shiny dusk skin, eyes were glittering, with nothing but pure innocent love. Arthur bowing his head to her supreme presence and her radiating glow. A young man with an athletic body and strong arms suddenly felt powerless in front of Jenny, whom he met minutes ago.

An aggressive advertising professional, Jenny was known as a fierce feline amongst the lions. Yet, she felt helpless being drifted to Arthur and he felt weak in the knees, which is not a sign amongst sports pro’s.

Well, they hit it off with a home run, exchanged numbers with a promise to keep in touch and meet again.

After few messages, calls and meetings, their love for each other grew stronger and they knew it was difficult to stay apart with every passing day.

Well, just like any other love-struck couple, they decided to tie the knot and bind with each other till eternity.

The wedding date was fixed by their happy families, who were eager on the union of the love –birds.

Jenny and Arthur got busy, planning their wedding down to the tee, with what design gown she’ll wear to what color bow tie Arthur would sport on his Tuxedo. The meals had to be delicious and the church to be decorated with fresh orchids. Page boy had to be her elder sister’s son and flower girls with calla lily flowers embedded on their baskets. The choir sheets tied safely with red satins and gold glitter highlighting the bride and the grooms’ initials on the cover page.

Red and Gold was their Wedding theme, the best man and bridesmaids’ theme matching attire designed by Jenny, Arthur looked after the photography and the garden for the venue to be for the most awaited day of their lives.

The Amber sun kissed the evening on the wedding bells with relatives anxiously waiting for the bride to arrive in the grooms’ car as it was customary. The entrance arc was decorated with fresh orchids, just as Jenny had planned, the church light in its fragrance. Arthur waiting for Jenny, where in moments they will be pronounced Man and Wife.

Jenny steps out of the car and grabs her most loving maternal uncle who walks her down the aisle, he’d been her pillar of support since Jenny lost her Dad while she in 4th grade. Jenny’s Mom looked on as her youngest princess marched to the altar with her elder daughter looking over her shoulder at her sister who had grown to be a fine woman.

Arthur stretched his hands to Jenny as he is ready to step in to a new life with Jenny, As she grabs his hand and their eyes, “This is the day we have been waiting for” their smile say to each other without a spoken word.

The choir sings the hymns beautifully much to Jenny and Arthur’s wish, as the Priest celebrates the Eucharist and in presence of both their families pronounces them Husband and Wife. They feel stronger in Love, they exchanged their Wedding Vows.

As the recessional hymns plays out the priest raises his hand over the new married couple…and says

Wedding is for a day, Marriage is for a Lifetime…

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B S Ranganath Posted on4:16 pm - Dec 14, 2017

Superb narration. Keep it up.

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