Whiskey Adds Zing In Our Life!

Whiskey Adds Zing In Our Life!

Whiskey Adds Zing In Our Life!

When I was asked to write on relationships, I kept wondering what can I write that has not been written already? Which is that one relationship that has not been focused much? What is that one SPECIAL relationship that I have not spoken about much?

It’s not that we have only one special relationship, however this one is really special. It is special because it doesn’t have words and noise in between. It doesn’t have the usual love, banter, fights, expectations, demands, heartbreak, blaming each other in it. It is pristine and intoxicating at the same time. It is exciting at the same time hilarious. You must be wondering what am I talking about!

I am talking about our relationship with Whiskey… Noooo, not the intoxicating drink whiskey but our 2.5 years old golden retriever! Yes, she is called The Whiskey! She is our daughter Whiskey Bhatnagar… She is the life of each and every person in the house. She is the favorite of everyone not only in our home, but also among each of our relatives.

It is a relationship that we chose voluntarily and she chose us too. I still remember our trips to her mother (biological) when she was pregnant, making sure she was well cared for, well eaten and well rested. I remember call from the nanny the day Whiskey and her other 5 siblings were born. We immediately went and spend time with the entire pack. All the pups were squeaking and crying for milk, and their mamma was happily nurturing them. We remember hiding this news from our biological daughter that she was getting an unusual sister!

We visited the pack every weekend and watched in awe how she grew up with her other siblings, nurtured by their mother. We let her choose us. We spent time with the entire pack, but she was the one who would come and snuggle up in our lap after few mins of playing. Even though her mother will call her back, she will be around us cuddling in our lap.

Finally we got her home, without revealing to our daughter that she was coming. After a few mins of shock of seeing a pup in front of her she was ecstatic. She immediately named her WHISKEY… yeah, you read that right, our daughter named her whiskey. We asked her why? She said, “It’s a girly name mamma, and she also has cute whiskers!” She went to call her friends so that she can introduce Whiskey to her friends, and you know what she said? “Meet my younger sister Whiskey, she just came home today… isn’t she cute?”

Surprisingly Whiskey didn’t take any time to settle down in the new environment, among new people. She had already chosen us as her family. As she grew, our relationship also grew and became stronger. Even though there are no words between us, we communicate very well. Thanks to her expressive eyes. She knows how to extract love from us, and we oblige willingly. The kind of bond a mother and a child shares, both of us share the same bond. She is my good child. The unconditional love between us is unusual yet exhilarating. It is amazing to see how she adopted us, and adapts to every situation with ease and patience. She knows when we are happy, sad, excited, unwell, worried. She acts accordingly, she knows what we like and what we don’t. She understands each of our words, our body language and expressions.

Though, she cannot tolerate being left alone without having to see us in the vicinity, still she stays like the most well-behaved child when we have to leave her behind for a short time for work outside.

Every time we come back home, she is right there at the door to welcome us with the best hug possible. Making sure not to harm the smallest human in the house (my daughter) no matter how much she troubles are playfully, she simply gives us a trapped look as if she is saying “save me from my monstrous sister” 😀


She is our live entertainment show! She knows exactly how change the mood of the room, in case it gets tensed. The last 2.5 years have made us more calmer, sorted, energized, giving and most importantly, happy.

The connection that we all share with her is beyond words or expressions. She never talks but we understand her well. When we share our stories with her we are 100% sure, she understands them totally.

Sometimes I wonder how cool it would be to have a beautiful relationship between us humans and animals… specially having a pet at home. Animals are way more compassionate than us. They know their roles and responsibilities well, and rarely cross their boundaries. They only know to return love against love… They are fiercely loyal to their adopted family that no matter what comes in their way, they will never ever leave them.

It’s us who become selfish and abandon them when they need us the most. It’s us who get paranoid about our safety, hygiene and god knows what else, and deny their presence in our life. Interestingly by doing this we actually deprive ourselves of a much enriched life. Have you ever thought about it? Do let me know your thoughts in the comments section.

Wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2018.
Srijata Bhatnagar

Srijata Bhatnagar is an entrepreneur from Bangalore. She has founded two businesses so far. In her current role, as the Founder CEO of Ridhani – a bespoke work wear brand for women, she leads the marketing, sales, growth and strategy areas of the business. Ridhani helps women find their true Fashion Code and help them bring out their original personality through aSrijata Bhatnagar is an Author, Entrepreneur and Public Speaker. She believes in sharing her life lessons with the others through her writing and speaking. She believes collective learning is always better!custom-made work clothing. She is a Speaker and has been a Judge for Fashion Shows. She has been featured in various medias, have written articles in various newspapers and startup media companies including The Hindu, Deccan Herald, YourStory etc. She has been quoted in various magazines. She has spoken in colleges, business summits and seminars. She mentors other budding entrepreneurs in strategizing their business. She is also an author of an upcoming book, which is yet to be titled. She loves interacting with people and nurturing entrepreneurial zeal in young minds. She believes in the power of idea. She believes if an idea has a strong backing of a story and pain point, it could turn out to be a path breaking idea. When not working, she can be found traveling, interacting with strangers to build life long meaningful relationships or relaxing at home with her human and dog daughters.

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Aparna Posted on8:55 am - Dec 21, 2017

She definitely is endearing having such humane qualities.

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