You are the Captain of this Ship called Relationship

You are the Captain of this Ship called Relationship

What can you think of when you see the picture?

I am sure many of you would answer the below.


It was a wonderful love story on relationship, isn’t it?

Here we won’t go into a repeat of the story of Titanic but look at the different perspective with of course the SHIP in the background.

The many associations with the ship

  • The Water
  • The Storms
  • The Passengers
  • The Captain
  • The Anchor
  • The Ship

These are the basic thoughts that can hit anyone’s mind when we think of the word SHIP. Let’s look at the breakdown to dive into the associations.

The Water

The quality of water is very simple.

  • It keeps flowing
  • It does not have any colour
  • It gives us coolness
  • It mixes with everything

The water in this case is the energies that keep flowing in this world, the positive, the negative, the waste, the useful and so on.

It flows in form of information which we process with our thoughts and they become the outcome of our lives. As a captain, the choice is in our hands.

The Storms

Can we save ourselves from situations? Not possible 100%. The world is too uneven now. The storms are the situations we face at work, in relationships, in the world and through our own thoughts.

So what should we do?

  • A beautiful thought – This shall also pass
  • The situation is not stronger than me
  • I am the master of my thoughts
  • It’s going to make me stronger and wiser

This will help you counter the storm of situations and help you guide the situation towards a solution.

The Passengers

A ship has various passengers, some are young, some are old, some are white, some are black, some are beautiful and some are average looking. What is the common factor though is they have all paid for the tickets. Some would have paid more and some less as per capacity.

In the same way, passengers are the people we meet on a daily basis.

  • The Boss
  • The Driver
  • The Watchman
  • The Colleagues
  • The Friends
  • The Immediate and Extended Family

They are all different and unique but what’s common in all of us? We all need this thing called


Keep giving love and care to everyone irrespective of their capacity and see how it comes back to you multi million times.

The Captain

A ship without a captain is like a fish without water.

Appreciate and Love yourself for the right reasons, for the qualities you posses. If you are not aware then

  • Spend time with yourself in silence
  • Ask your mother what she likes about you
  • Understand your qualities through life experiences

The captain has to be empowered enough for everyone else to have a wonderful ride.

The Anchor

We all know why the Anchor is used. It is used to hold the ship to the ground. The anchor though has to be very strong and sharp.

The Anchor in this case is

  • The Feedback that we receive from others
  • The Intellect – Our friend to whom we don’t listen
  • The closest relationship – Mother, Father, Husband, Wife, Children

We have heard the proverb “When the going gets tough, the tough gets going” but how will we get tougher?

When we use the feedback we receive to improve on our weaknesses, when we listen to our intellect which puts us in the uncomfortable zone, when we listen to what our closest relation is telling us to improve.

It is tough to change ourselves as it will take time but we have to at least start the transformation.

The Ship

Finally let’s look at the Ship which is the RELATIONSHIP. We can’t live in isolation so connectivity is very important. The question is how do we want it?

  • Love or Hate
  • Patience or Give Up
  • Unity or Isolated

The relationship has to be built with LOVE, PATIENCE and UNITED efforts.

Don’t we all want a world filled with Love and Peace?

Wishing you Captains all the very best for riding your ship well by having and giving good experiences to all.

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adi lakshmi
Sahana Sundar Posted on10:39 pm - Dec 11, 2017

Yes true, we all need love, bonding, peace and unity to build lasting relationships. Brought out beautifully by comparing relationships to a ship. Be the captain of the sea and empower yourself by knowing what you are. We’ll written

Sulekha Posted on1:57 pm - Feb 2, 2018

Amazing comparison of life and ship. I particularly loved the passenger ticket part and ask your mother what she like about you. Superb article.

    Rohit Gehani Posted on11:05 am - Feb 4, 2018

    Thank you so much.

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