Entrepreneurial Engineering

Entrepreneurial Engineering

Ask yourself these questions:

  1. Do I want to stay within my city or join a metro city?
  2. Do I believe that people in metro city are smarter?
  3. I feel lack of career guidance in current educational system?
  4. Do I care for my contribution to culture?
  5. Do people and circumstances control my life?

Well! Amir an Engineering graduate asked these questions to himself at different points of time in his life.  He had all it takes to be successful in career.  This is what his teachers and professors told him in his growing years of education.  He was told that he was an IIT material.  Amir was excellent in Mathematics.  His 12th standard results were out and he topped.  He always felt that joining preparation classes in a metro city would help him cut through the competition.  He had dreams of studying in a foreign university after IIT.  After studying hard for his entrance exams, he was looking forward for wonderful college days.

His elder brother had just then started working and suddenly they came to know that their mother was in advanced stage of cancer.  Family needed not only more money but manpower also then, to deal with the challenge in hand.  Amir felt weak in his knees each time he thought about the indefinite and short period of time left with his mother.  His father soon told him that he would not be able to fund his career at that given point of time.  Amir, without any second thought or resistance agreed to join BSc within the state.  His heart was heavy and became heavier each time his mother told him that she was blaming herself for ruining his career.

Amir remained absent for most part of the year but he studied well to fulfill his promise to his mother that he would become a successful engineer.  His promise was in contrast with his the then current life.  His mother soon left for heavens and his father started ignoring his health and his brother was the only person keeping high levels of social commitments and courage.  His elder brother Amaan promised to support him for his higher studies and kept encouraging him.

People like Amir are never prepared for such eventualities of life where setbacks in terms of life, emotions and finance take a never returning flight.  He finished his BSc and then went on to Masters in Mathematics.  He joined one of the Premier institutes as Assistant Professor but still felt incomplete as far as his Self -fulfillment was concerned.  While working, organizational change interested him and applied for MBA in Human Resource.  His friends told him that it was no use doing double Masters and wasting years only studying and that there is more to life.

Amaan was feeling pressurized to marry by his father and fortunately he was transferred to a Metro city.  Amir was never prepared for such sudden changes as nobody teaches it except events of life.  He decided to move out with his brother.  He applied in various colleges but found that competition in this space was very high and there were applicants far more experienced than him.  His frustration was fueled each time he would think of his promise to his mother of becoming an engineer which was his dream as well.

One fine day his brothers friend suggested Amir to accompany him for a seminar wherein Educators, Training & Development Professionals and Industry leaders were supposed to address and discuss concerns and challenges of gap in demand and supply of skilled workforce who are emotionally intelligent to deal with diversity and who up- skill themselves to stay abreast with ripple effects of digital revolutions every passing decade.  It was discussed that engineer population is hit the worst.  Amir was inspired and approached one of the leaders after the seminar.  This person called Ramana  who was a Career and Life Coach gave Amir an appointment.  Their first meeting lasted for 2 to 3 hrs wherein Amir talked about his discontented life and anxiety over his aspirations.  Ramana being a Coach gave Amir a vision of his life in the very first meeting.  He made the terms clear that in case Amir wanted his life ruder to be in his control, he got to do as directed by Ramana and the financial terms were discussed.  Initially Amir was taken aback by the amount charged by Ramana but his conviction and trust in Raman’s ability made him do “Whatever it takes” to hold his vision.  As the journey with his Coach unfolded, Amir was high in confidence and networking which was never his cup of tea, earlier.  Coach worked on his strengths and polished his existing skills to make a mark.  Amir was committed to excel and was surprised by his own work and energy levels.  He felt happy most of the times and effectively channelized every situational challenge into building his competency.  Ramana directed him to study challenges in engineering field and develop a case study.  Amir spent a good deal of time to do just that and eventually his case was published.  It was astonishing for him to find universities contacting him for his visits to their engineering colleges.  Amir’s happiness and fulfilling work was a result of his Coach’s guidance.  He became a sought- after engineering faculty to guide the students and other professors with result oriented strategies.

Amir didn’t become an engineer though but he became somebody who could change the lives of many engineers.  Amir is now an Entrepreneur, Author and a Career Strategist.

In his life lessons, he lays emphasis on having a Coach to steer the life in a focused and organized way.  A Coach is somebody very resourceful, well connected, influential and emotionally intelligent to use various tools and apply techniques to even capture the minutest details and measures of intangible factors like leadership quotient, trust, loyalty, commitment, influence etc in an individual.

With digital revolutions, new job profiles are created and many job profiles become obsolete and student community finds it difficult to catch up with the revolution as the syllabus doesn’t change in those 3-4 years with least guidance towards making oneself productive by the time they come out of colleges.  They are never prepared emotionally for the eventualities of life and how to handle the resultant stress or channelize it.  Coach works on inner engineering for a pinnacle journey.

Amir came back to his town for giving back to his society by developing others who he feels are in the same boat as he was a few years ago.  He organizes culture fests to invite young for show-casing talent and spreading awareness through stories and plays.  His journey taught him that people don’t become smart just by being in a metro city, they become smart by following right strategists.

He understood that it is our default to blame circumstances to give ourselves an excuse to escape guilt and Coach works to make you a Creator.  His philosophy says, “Invest in yourself to stand in contribution and everything follows.”  “Do whatever it takes” to be the one.




Sulekha Chandra
Sulekha Chandra

Sulekha Chandra is a Youth Mentor | Creative/Content Writer, Editor and Reviewer | Author Interviewer Entrepreneur | T&D Professional HR Professional. She is the Founder of Gyan Paradise and her mission is to empower One Lakh Graduation students across nation with industry skills and knowledge. She is an up-coming author, writes for International HR Magazine and various other platforms as well. She believes that if we stand in contribution, everything follows.

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Sudarshan Posted on8:57 am - Jan 18, 2018

It’s very nice article.
Wisdom and clarity come when you ask yourself questions.
Great work Sulekha.
Best Wishes.

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