Chaya …an incredible journey Part #3

Chaya …an incredible journey Part #3

Chaya …an incredible journey Part #3

Chaya is an incredible journey . Chaya is your companion for life .It never transgress you in any situation . Good or bad , short or long in any form ,it always stays with you .
An honest friend never leaves you alone , same way your chaya also remains faithful to to you .I would like to attribute this to the mental journey that I came across to fulfill the challenges which I , and you also would have face .

This you could relate to your events of life ,probably your spouse , your friend and even kids .

Each phase being tranquil-ed , vanish after some time . But the impression which is left is there to experience all our life .

Chaya is basically an attempt to solve the problem we face in our lives specially with our intimate circles . Although we may all have individual answer for this . But the mental agony that we face , leaves us completely paralysed . This may worsen our productivity and progress .

Let all of us come together to sabotage it and quicken our progress .
Let’s make it more meaningful .

More interesting ,

By sharing all our experiences together , so the people who have not yet trodden here, would be careful . They would safely traverse their journey .

May be some of you are already on this road ,May have exhausted all their energies ,looking and working hard to get the resources to overcome the situation ,which may be dreadful for them .
Let me share something really worthwhile .
Although here I am considering the people afflicted with distress young and old ,it’s equally applicable to everyone.

Please make sure that you follow whole article from start to end .

Chaya would be a series of experiences to learn and uplift your existence without being judgmental and move forward to success .

Last time we discuss problems faced by youth . This time we would take a small leap by concentrating on the issues of youth only but a little more matured than the first one.

We would be concentrating on the agony of our youth in the age group of 25-35.

I name this group as Volcanoes because of immense energy and skill which they possess .

But as rightly said,

A wrong diagnosis hammers recovery process .

Same way ,these guys are trap into the spider web in such a way ; forget doing great , they can hardly survive .

If you observe their lives .
You would be surprise .

Indiscipline , indifference ,Sadness , monotony ,unhappiness ,lethargy , inertia , In short if you can call it a life which lack the enthusiasm of living . No moment in any sphere whether physical, professional or personal ,everything is overlapping with the other one . But overall if you see it’s at a stand still, All dark and gloominess emotions .
No light, no vibration, no cheers .
Nothing seem to be supportive to life or living.

This could be attributed with the mental agony which we also face .

When we are in distress, everything comes to a halt, even our inner existance also gets sabotage often lead us to social,financial and even mental misfortune. What if this can be reduce .

What if u can see bliss in all your personal and professional transaction ?

Why not have a life which others envy?

Be more successful, stunning growth for entrepreneurs ,Earn better grades in society, live a lavish life, enjoy loving and relishing environment conducivable for making a fortune .

No boasting , all this is possible .

Surprise !
Why I am saying so;
Being dreamers;
At any stage,
A youth is brimming with the energy to excel any field which he or she choose. .They are pretty much focused on what they want .They want to pursue their vision too.

But how many of them are given a chance ?
Barely a few !

At every stage; there is a distinct demarkation to demotivate them.

Reasons are all absurds.

This profession is creepy .
Not suitable to run a family .
You will earn bad reputation .
Not suitable at this age .

Why can’t for the goodness sake.
We can leave a person choose a profession according to his passion .

Our ideas restrict their growth . As being in the wrong profession ,one could never excel or be happy .

Our life is series of interactive chain reaction; We live whole life as a by-products of our reaction. As a result , can’t really make our selves happy .
A small unfit decision can lead to what consequences and what can be done to rectify it .
Let us see over here .

Top most strategies to make you happy in a wrong profession .

Relax :

Being stressed increases your risk for more physical and professional mistakes .
Make sure to have ample time for relaxation .
As relaxation relieves the pressure which you are holding on your back.
Actually it’s not the pressure , but how you carry it ,actually kills you .
Specially before important task ,you must take rest. Observe the whole situation ,then only come to conclusion .
Your results would be far better for sure .



Giving some room to physical and mental exercise with subsequent relaxation period is one of the best way to increase your productivity .
This helps you to maintain a more adoptive behaviour in your life .


A positive attitude lighten the stress which you are carrying in your life .Makes you adhere to your mundane activities with a brighter and more cheerful disposition .


No matter what and where you are; keeping a humourous angle does attribute a lot more years to your life .

Being in a wrong seat , but still taking the pilot seat to control your life event ; this is the most remarkable habit to cherish .

What about personal relations .

The above mentioned factors would hold true here also .
But we would be adding two more factors

Compassion :

A relationship can not survive without compassion .As a couple ,parent , sibling , teacher ,we all are required to play different role . Our role becomes immortal ,if we intricate our relationship with compassion .
A body is nothing without a soul ; same way a relationship cannot thrive without compassion.
Compassion makes each moment worth living .
Love gets stronger.
Bonding becomes deeper .
Faith solidifies

Forgive :

Every relation has its ups and down
Be prepare for changes.
Accept changes wholeheartedly .
Acceptance is the key for reality .
Once you have accepted ,automatically it becomes easier for you to act .
Not react!
Reaction is the triggering point for issues pertaining to our relationship
Mood & emotions are triggering factors for mental health & well-being both.The intense emotion when not address with compassion lead to intensive regrets which leads to massive disruption in personal relations .

Feelings do not or never can start any problem . It is the behaviour in a particular situation which starts a conflict .

If you are finding trouble in your love or marital life.
Many time it is really not your partner’s life .
May be
You are not having a realistic approach to the problem.
It is definitely not advisable to pick the quarrel equation for a small silly reason .
Be absolutely sure not to start the blame game .
Guess what!
We are living in an  age
Where everyone expects a lot
Even if he or she has done least or nil.
We want to be understood .
Not paying attention to other’s view .
We have restricted our vision to judgements ; which predetermine our relations .
Just remember
Love is eternal
Joy and happiness are priceless.
Money is just a coin to accumulate
Stuff and gadgets
Never ever try to replace it with
Each relation is your
prime most investment ,
to live a more fruitful life
In your prime or senior Years .

Treasure each relation.
Be happy
Keep your head high on your shoulders.
Let any thing and everything go .
Keep a track of your passion and livliness .
Don’t try to imitate others .
Live a purposeful life .
Give back to society .
Do any deed small or big with compassion.
Life would turn blissful.
You would be recognised every where .
People would come to take advice from you .
You would be adorn .
Follow simplicity in life .
Everything would embrace you .

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