Chaya 4

Chaya 4

Chaya 4

Life is a reflection of your thought and action.

Thoughts have immense power to sublime your action.

Once carefully chosen, it can assist you to get your dream. If not been wise enough, You would not consider worthy enough to do anything. You become the unfit desire or a failure in simple term.Quiet confusing.

Let’s check how it works.

We all admire people who have succeeded in life. Nobody takes a role model which is incapable of handling his own duty.

Humans have the capacity to marvel at different things which we want in our life.Although we do not have the might as that of other creatures, our own wisdom can help us overcome any difficulty which we face.i

Relations are hard.

They are difficult to survive.

But definitely, they are an indispensable part of our existance .

.It’s an inherent part of human behaviour.Passion to live a purposeful life , along with keeping your intimate relations intact ; is like getting the best possible version of your existence .

But when your passion is distorted with the  non-availabality or neccessity to proceed your life without relations . It becomes impossible to restore the bonding without stitching  to hypicrisy and melodrama of a relationship .

Family is the name for common goal and motivations for each and every individual, aspiring to get love , compassion and support at any given interval of time .

As communication plays the vital role in all relationship .Hence it is  very important for all the family members to understand the need for a fruitful role play .

Chaya first part was dedicated to the problems of the youngster.

Second part we emphasize on the need to implicate decision based on interest and consequently, the situational hazards which arise ,

Finding the gravity of problem in an unknown city, for studies ;

Altogether , a different country for work purpose; each scenario posses a threat to your liking, hence effecting your productivity and scalability in terms of work and relationship both .

Here we could be confining our discussion on the mature group

That means people above 35 to any age say till 60

Although discussion holds true for people above 60 too .

But there are a few add – on require to make it more  effective .

Every relation which exist in your life requires you to hold just one quality.


First to myself

Than to the rest of world.

Kindness is the quality which is the prerequisite for all existence, for supporting every relation, giving rise to better human beings.

Humans which are really the Superior- being.Not by controlling the universe but also the vices which are inherent part of our existence.

In fact if you can experience  kindness in whatever way you find it.It could change your  behaviour drastically.

The reason is very simple


.Confluence of emotion  leads to suppression and blockages in the energy  .But kindness clears out these blockages.When this Energy is replenish, it makes us reach to our potential.

This is the fundamental law , which governs all relationship .

Modern scenario of hectic life, multitasking of work and home, too much indulgence in social media leaving no time for personal interaction .

This leaves ourselves wondering on the quality of lives .

The reason is absolutely clear

Being parents, involve in making money

Being kids, involve in making career.

Being women , involve in making family

Being elder , involve in children and grand children’s

Everyone is involve. But somewhere down the line

Everyone is  grumpy ; absolutely unhappy , as there is no compassion

Its  a duty , which one has to adhere to .

No deep interaction is involve .

So emotion, interaction, involvement, commitment all are missing.

So ,

Here just make a few amendments to make your relationship more lovable .

But ,

Before that ,

Let us understand ;

We all are aware about mind-body connection.But are you aware there is a far better connection of our existence with our heart , with our emotions to be precise.

Heart is not only important for maintaining your body’s equilibrium.

It is the most important organ for transformation, all our good or bad transaction can be converted into the positive energy through heart.

As a human we carry lots of emotion.

In fact it is  like a spider nest .

Where no one has an idea about beginning  or end. Every emotion is connected with our heart. The people who are intimate with us. Definitely share a common path. Specially our elder ones have deep connection with these emotion. as each emotion points a happy reflection or chaya.

Chaya which is intermingling of language of love.

Since its a lovable image , they want to share it again and again.

They want us to listen to the same story which is a memory of yesteryear.

For us.


It is a living reality.

Which they screen,

Every time when they sit with you .

Eat with you

Or travel with you .


Is the colour on the screen,

Which keep their movie colourful .

Which makes them alive .

Which gives them a reason to smile

A reason to cheer.

But we,

Deeply engross in the mundane activity of life.

Think ourselves to be better .

There is a fierce view, we hold that , it is all useless , waste of time .

I would rather attend to some work , then listening to these stories.

This ideology is more or less shared by most of us.  When time permits we try to prove this  to them . We try  to show  the world this by hoarding things or racing with the other ones.

But forget that ;

If they would have been also busy in the mad race . We would not be reaching to the position where we are . It’s their sacrifice ;

That today we have a preveilage to show.

More and more  people will join this race in the coming years .

This race  will never stop .

Our ego stops us from seeing their objectivity .

Being yourself truely but respecting other’s view can assist you to get rid of problematic areas of your life.


You may be a true business tycoon .

But being close to your parents or grand patents is definaltely a difficult task .


As your child need your companionship for proper growth.

Same way, your parents too need time to be heard and spend together .

Allow them to interact .

Let them have a free voice

Appreciate their opinion .

In case you can’t

At least be a listener to their stories .

They do not want your wallet or assets .

They want to be around when you are present

Be compassionate to their  deeds, if they demand a little extra.

Chaya is a reflection.

Confluence of emotion.

Each emotion starts and end with you .

Each equation require you to be there .

Probably !

When you start giving more

Your relationwith your spouse,



Social circle

would enhance significantly .

Hence your emotional quotient would  be better .

That means

Happiness would dwell in your life

So is that good ?

Or finding videos on happiness

social media is for sharing

In extra time.

One should not replace it with your essential sharing of happiness .



Is the ultimate reflection  of

Your happiness

Your zeal

Your attitude

Your bliss to be you

Completely you,

Devoid of any other impression

Which could hinder your life.






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