Chaya…..Part II

Chaya…..Part II

Chaya…..Part II

Chaya is an incredible journey. Chaya is your companion for life .It never transgresses you in any situation. Good or bad, short or long in any form, it always stays with you.

An honest friend never leaves you alone; same way your chaya also remains faithful to you.

,I would like to attribute this to the mental journey that I came across to fulfill the challenges which I , and you also would have to  face .

This you could relate to your events of life, probably your spouse, your friend and even kids.

Each phase being tranquilized vanishes after some time. But the impressions which are left are experienced all our life.

Chaya is basically an attempt to solve the problem we face in our lives especially with our intimate circles. Although we may all have individual answers for this. But the mental agony that we face leaves us completely paralyzed. This may worsen our productivity and progress.

Let all of us come together to sabotage it and quicken our progress.

Let’s make it more meaningful.

More interesting

By sharing all our experiences together, so the people who have not yet trodden here, would be careful. They would safely traverse their journey.

May be some of you are already on this road, some may have exhausted all their energies, looking and working hard to get the resources to overcome the situation, which may be dreadful for them.

Let me share something really worthwhile.

Although here I am considering the people afflicted with distress -young and old, it’s equally applicable for everyone.

Please make sure that you follow whole article from start to end

Chaya would be a series of experiences to learn and uplift your existence without being judgmental and move forward for success.

Our journey is similar to a caravan, where some people join in at a particular destination. Many leave too. In short we can compare this with the life in metropolitan cities. Each day people enter in hope of being something newer, better, bigger.

Their eyes are full with the desire to be something different compared to from where they come from. They don’t want to be known as a small town boy or a girl; they want to live their life differently. They want to earn better and get a bigger name for their existence.

This dream makes them uneasy. They try to get a chance to prove themselves.

They try to prove they are smart by changing their language or dressing or behavior.

But the mad race that they follow, often make them fall into miserable trap of poverty, injustice, wrong identity, ugly behavior, superficial society standards.

My dear friends you got to understand a few things here before you take any step

It could be shifting to a bigger city for study or for job purpose or getting married, setting a business in an unknown country ,or settling back to a new destination in your silver ages .

What precautions should you take that your journey really turns out fruitful

You should be comfortable with your decision, even after 20 years.





These three words are your secret guru mantra to safeguard you and your journey for your entire life.

First let me consider the case of those people who enter in a different place for the purpose of study or job.

Studies means we are talking about teenagers

And job means we are taking just one step ahead to address the problems of youngster who are planning to get married or already married.

In short I am addressing problems of youth especially in the age group of 15-35.

These age groups are the most vulnerable group in our country .Just because you want your kids to be great, how much restriction we put on them. Each and every moment of their life is scrutinize.

Each action that is slightly different from the norm gets glorified to the height that the kid feels ashamed of himself.

I am sure you must be aware about parent’s anxiety for their kids. Remember the most important thing for a kid is your love and your existence in this entire affair.  You should not try to manipulate this with expensive gadget without your commitments to be with him.

This makes him prone to deter from his goal .As he feels totally neglected. A person’s inability to express his feelings makes him deviate from his inner peace.  This small shift often follows his attitude and behavioral pattern.

At this stage they are really sensitive towards their feelings. Undisclosed and unsolved emotional conflicts are the greatest challenges, which these kids face nowadays.



Mood & emotions are factors that are triggers for mental health & well being both. The intense emotion lead to volcanic imbalances which brings about the permanent changes like personal evils like cigarette , drugs ,alcohol or social evils like pornography or conviction in criminal or sexual affair . Here often it is started in the name of fun but later on there is no way out of it.

Here instead of cursing or going for Havana or kal yog upay .

One needs to practically evaluate the situation for simple, natural and permanent cures.

You are required to follow these guidelines.

  • First cluster all your blessing and thank God for it.
  • When you show gratitude, kids automatically follow you .
  • Start living a life of grace, gratitude and abundance.
  • Teach your kid the same by being relaxing the boundaries you set for him.
  • Start a life with interaction, not interrogation .Nobody likes to answer questions unreasonably.


  • Prioritize your day according to your kid’s activity. It’s absolutely fine to reverse the equation. He would be surprise to see you before him .This would enhance your relation
  • Assign time , activity and responsibility for him .If he fulfils it
  • Try to appreciate his effort .If he couldn’t achieve don’t condemn him, Adopt a supportive behavior.
  • Be open to receive all communication at home or out however trivial they seem to be. Let your kid also be there to enjoy the situation.
  • Don’t be reluctant to use body touch, hand shake, hug or tapping the shoulder as per the need to applaud your kid. You never know, after a bad day, he may really need it desperately.
  • Develop a social interest in his hobby, passion. This would stimulate his self confidence.
  • Hello! Please make sure that you are not intriguing him any way.
  • Develop a total” YOU” approach
  • Let him come to you for getting the suggestion or alternative to a given situation at work or studies.
  • Bring back the spark in his life by converting his ideas into a new way as to ease his situation.
  • It holds good not only at this stage .It would assist him for all roller coasters in any relationships at any stage. This also gives amazing results in the professional scenario too.























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Aparna Posted on5:42 am - Jan 16, 2018

a beautiful introspective post by Dr Muneerah.

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