Fair Enough?

Fair Enough?


A Man (Navin), in his thirties, smoking near the balcony, near the bed room or window near the bedroom; A scattered bed is partially visible. He is just wearing boxer type jockey underwear only; Lights are partially on; Lights are on  in the attached bath room too, which is partially open; Condom packet on the side table; As he turns back, a young lady (Pooja), in her twenties, comes out of the bath room, goes around the bed, and start searching for something; She has wrapped herself on bath towel from her breast till knee; As she starts searching, the phone rings.

POOJA: Naveen. Your phone.

He comes in, collects the phone, gives her the cigarette. She sits back, takes a smoke and shuts-off the cigarette to the ash-tray on the side table. And start searching for her cloths. Navin starts speaking on the phone as she keeps doing those activities such as cleaning the bed. 

NAVIN: Yes Annu.. Yea.. Was about to call you only. We are just having a coffee break;  “Yea. The meeting got delayed  a little; What can I do, people don’t come on time?”… Yea, will be late. Sure. Will do that. Will call you during breaks. How are the kids?. OK, Bye, Love you.

By this time Pooja comes around him and hold him from behind; She has some minimum cloths on, by this time a night dress. She moves her well polished hands on his hairy chests; He leans back, and both lay back to the bed.

POOJA: Who was that? .Annu??

She turns towards him in the bed.                                 

NAVIN: Yes .. Annu .. another reminder for the Lactogen.

POOJA: You cheat..

NAVIN: I am not one ..

POOJA: I meant you are cheating me.

NAVIN: Don’t be so cheap; She is my wife.

POOJA: Now don’t start with all those lectures.. When are you leaving?

NAVIN: Less than an hour from now.. Fair enough?.

POOJA: That is Sad!..

NAVIN: Love you.

She comes closer to the him, both hug on the bed, exchange kisses.

* * * * *


Navin is now dressed neatly, without shirt; He starts wearing the shirt. Pooja helps him with the buttons; He takes out juice from the fridge, and start pouring to glass; Starts drinking; He folds the sleeves after giving the glass to Pooja; She starts drinking the juice; He starts moving out.

NAVIN: Bye, and love you. 

POOJA: [SAD looks] Next weekend?

NAVIN: Bye and love you .. I am managing it with this meeting for last two weekends; Let’s see.

POOJA: You will manage it.

NAVIN: [With very much confidence] Yea. If I am teaching management for so long years, while holding just a distant learning MBA from Annamalai university …I should be able to manage that as well; Let me see.

POOJA: [Smiles]

[Navin Wearing socks]

NAVIN: [Thinking] OK. I can come on Saturday; then stay with you; But need to leave at least by Sunday noon… Fair Enough?

POOJA: [With smile] Say my hi to Anuradha bhabhi

NAVIN: [With smile] You want me to come back right?

She comes closer to him; He holds her from her back, pulls her towards him, and kisses.

He picks up the laptop from the sofa and leaves from the door in the drawing room.

* * * * *


Navin driving the car down; The car is passing through various places; Area that is passing is majority with very few people on the street. He turns on the stereo and listens to some English music; He is listening to the music as he drives.

As he moved, he saw a lady in her twenties (Merlin), well dressed in jeans and top shows her hand for help; Navin stops the car, she runs towards the car. Another car is stopped in the side of the road;

Navin opens the window and switches off the stereo.                                   

NAVIN: Hi.. Need help?

MERLIN: If possible for sure. My car broke-down; My cell don’t have enough balance.

NAVIN: So what you want? A Cell OR Lift?

MERLIN: If you are not in a hurry; Can you check something?

[Points towards her car]

NAVIN: I am not good at Cars, I am a Management guy. I can help you with Cell phone or Lift.

MERLIN: OK Cell phone.

Navin hands over his cell phone to Merlin; she takes out her cell from her bag; looks at her cell and dials some number and start talking over that phone; By this time Navin gets out and comes towards her car.

Opens the bonnet and try to look something; He has no clue; Starts with his cigarette.

Merlin comes back to the car.

MERLIN: Thank you very much; Can you give me another favor?

NAVIN: Don’t ask me to push your car..

MERLIN: No No No. My friends will come now. Can you drop me near Mruthunjaya Hanuman temple.

NAVIN: We will go through AK road, as I have to pick something from Reliance-More; Then I will drop you there. Fair Enough? 

MERLIN: Not at all problem.. thank you very much..

NAVIN: OK get in..

He goes around and occupies the driver’s seat; She gets in the car. As the Car moves.

NAVIN: I am Navin Patnaik, A consultant for Management and leadership coach; I mean I teach corporate managers how to manage.

MERLIN:That is really great. I am also a management student; In my Third Semester, doing it in SP Jain.

NAVIN: Come on; I am a SP Jain pass out. Your super senior.

MERLIN: Good same – same; When did you pass out?

NAVIN: Some years back. By the way our cell phones are also matching. 

[Both have the same brand handset]

MERLIN: Sorry I forgot to tell you; I am Merlin D’silva.

NAVIN: Goan?


NAVIN: What are you doing here?

MERLIN: Yes. Came to meet my friends and some relatives; actually it is my friend’s car and it broke-down while I was coming back from my family friend’s house.

NAVIN: You come often?

MERLIN: At least 2,3 times a month.

NAVIN: OK. Good to know you.

By this time Merlin starts breathing fast; And she starts showing problem in her breathing.

NAVIN: Hey what happened? Are you alright?

MERLIN: I am fine, but having a small asthma problem; I have the inhaler in the bag.

She looks for the inhaler in the bag; Not finding it;

MERLIN: Shit! I think I kept it in the other travel bag.

NAVIN: So you are alright? You want me to take you to a chemist or something?

MERLIN: No, its ok, I can hold on.

By this time she faints; He stops the car;

NAVIN: Fuck .. this is bad… Looks around and comes back to driver’s seat

As he starts moving the car; The cell rings; He picks up his phone and says hello. Realizes that her phone is ringing. Picks up her phone.

Phone Display: “Milind Calling..”

He keeps the phone to silent and drives away very fast.

SCENE 004 / HOSPITAL VERANDA/ LATE EVENING                                   

Navin is talking to someone over the phone, near to the window at the end of the veranda bay. From the Cell phone fancy hanging, you can make out that it’s Merlin’s cell phone. Typical hospital veranda, both sides rooms with doctors’ name board, and their respective specialties written. Since it’s late in the evening, there is no rush. Lights are off. 

NAVIN: Yes Miland; That’s what I am saying; Now lets not discuss the whole story.


As he is talking, a hospital attender/boy in his uniform, comes and switches on the lights in the veranda.

NAVINHaan, haan, yes, she has come back to sense; Some Gynec is checking her something … no .. no.. I really don’t know why .. three hours that very far. Man, please drop-in as soon as you can.

By this time a nurse comes out of the room, and comes near to him.

NURSE: Sir, doctor calling you inside.

NAVIN:  Man I am going in; I will keep you posted.

Navin enters in to the room.


A regular doctor’s cabin; Two chairs in front and lady doctor in her later 30s/40s is at the doctors chair; Gynecology related posters are on the walls; Shelf with Medical books; doctor’s personal bag inside the shelf;  Regular doctor accessories on the table; brochures; stationary; neat and clean.

Merlin is already seated in one of the chair in front the doctor;

LADY DOCTOR: Please come in Mr. Navin; please come have a seat;

NAVIN: Greets; Good evening doctor;

He takes the chair. By this time someone knocks the door; Lady doctor looks towards the door;

LADY DOCTOR: Come in please.

An attender/boy enters in a hurry, looks towards lady doctor.

BOY: Doctor Kumar?

LADY DOCTOR: He has left 10-15 mins back.. Did you try on his cell?

BOY: He is not in his room.. Any idea where he may be?.

[Lady Doctor looks at the watch]

LADY DOCTOR: What? What is the issue?

BOY: It’s an accident Case. Inspector Shetty is here. He is searching for doctor Kumar.

LADY DOCTOR: [Thinking] Now what can I say? Don’t know .. check in the canteen.

[The BOY leaves the room]

LADY DOCTOR: [to Navin and Merlin] Sorry. Doctor Kumar? Orthopedic surgeon. My husband. If they don’t find him in his place, people come here to look out (smiles).

Coming back to business, Navin. Now its time where there is a need to start taking care of her more.

Doctor looks toward Merlin with a small smile. [Merlin Smiles]

LADY DOCTOR: [to Navin] Congratulations. You are going to be a father. She is one month pregnant.

[Navin gets minor embarrassment]

NAVIN: Sorry doctor. You are mistaken! I am not her husband.

[Looks towards Merlin with smile]

LADY DOCTOR: [to Navin] Yes. She told me about your story.

[Navin gets more embarrassed]

NAVIN: What story? What are you talking?

LADY DOCTOR: [to Navin] That you are not prepared for all those things.

NAVIN: Wait. Wait Wait. I am just a stranger to her.

MERLIN: [With Authority] Navin?

LADY DOCTOR: Couple, can you just clarify what is going on?

MERLIN: Let me tell you.

NAVIN: Shut up. Let me speak

LADY DOCTOR:  Navin wait, ladies first.

MERLIN: As I told you doctor. He does not want to get married to me now, and he wants an abortion, that is all about this scene.

NAVIN: [louder] Shut up you bloody bitch.

LADY DOCTOR:  Navin, mind your language.

NAVIN: [louder] I do mind if you guys….

[By the time his phone rings; He picks up the phone]

NAVIN: Annu I will call you back… Hello, I cant hear what you are saying. Annu please talk little louder.

By this time you can see that doctor is calling to someone from her desk phone.

NAVIN: Annu I will call you back. Bye.

As Navin cuts his call in his cell, Doctor stops her call in the middle. Navin stands up.

NAVIN: Doctor I don’t know this girl. I found her on the road, I just gave her a lift and she is pulling me to all these nonsense.

He moves away from the room and bangs the door. Doctor turns to Merlin.


Navin is starting his car in a rush. As he leans towards the gear, put the first gear, he looks in front. A man in his early 40s (INSPECTOR SHETTY), sitting on the bonnet of the Car. Kaaki pants and white shirt and black service shoes. He smiles.

INS SHETTY: Inspector Raghu Shetty [Sarcastic smile]

[Shows a ID Card]

[Navin throws his head to the steering wheel]

SCENE 007/ ANOTHER DOCTOR’S ROOM / LATE EVENING                                   

Navin and Ins. Shetty are sitting opposite; Shetty eating a Vada Pav. One bottle water and half drank tea glass on the table; Ins Shetty is drinking the tea.

INS SHETTY: So this was your part of story. Look Navin sir. You have no big choices in legal fight. In our great nation there are laws only for protecting women. There are no rules written for helping men. And the best part is rule makers are men.


Do you know the funniest law? In case a grown-up woman molests a minor boy, our law says to arrest the boy.

NAVIN: But Man, I can prove that I am not responsible for this. I mean medically.

INS SHETTY: For sure. You can. What sir, you want to start legal fights with whores like her. You have time for all these? 

NAVIN: OK Inspector. Tell me the Solution. Can’t you just drop? You don’t take the case in file. Whatever is your share, I will fill in.

INS SHETTY: Don’t under-estimate me like that sir. Problem is, she has given complaint in written to me in front of all these hospital staff. If I do something now, it will be a problem for me. I will have problem for living, I have closed down my Udupi restaurant as well recently.

NAVIN: So you tell me what to do?

[Ins Shetty stands up]

INS SHETTY: See the case will be registered. Enquiry will run. Will need medical tests for sure. Whichever samples that needs to be given, please do. Let them conduct the tests. I had a word with the doctor, it takes around one week for the result… Sir, you are sure na.. You have nothing to do with this jean? 

NAVIN: Hell. I don’t even know her.

INS SHETTY: Take it easy sir. Even if it comes positive, I will do the needful. You just take care of me.

NAVIN: Sure sure.. Now?

[Starts taking the wallet]

INS SHETTY: No no, I will send some constable. Contact details and address:

[Looks at the paper]

INS SHETTY: Yes I have. You may leave sir. Good day.

[Navin, exhausted looks. Gets up and leaves the room] 

INS SHETTY: Good night Sir. Sir don’t take tension. I will take care of it.


Navin sitting on the sofa, reading newspaper. He looks very fresh, in white Pijama (Rahul Gandhi style), very fresh sunny Sunday morning. Two Kids – Aarya (around 5-10 year old girl) and Aadithya (2-3 year old boy) are playing something. Cartoon network is running in the TV. Another normal Drawing room with the generic accessories visible. Floor is mostly scattered with toys and stuff toys. On the wall, there is a Ganasha’s picture hanging. Pressure cooker sound is audible at regular intervals. 

NAVIN: [shouts] Annooo? Has the cooking started? 

ANU: [lady voice from the other room] Yes, I am coming in a min. 

[Navin goes back to his newspaper. His daughter approaches] 

AARYA: Papa, Aadi is not letting me complete the drawing. 

AADITYA: No dada, She is sitting in my way. 

AARYA: Papa. Why can’t he run his car in other place/room? 

NAVIN: Beta Aaroo, You are elder (pause).  You come near to me … You sit here with me to complete your drawing.

AARYA: No papa, I want to sit there only.

[Cooker still making sound]

NAVIN: [louder] Anoo where are you?

A lady in her later twenties comes to the room; Apron on upper half of the body; She is wearing simple house dress.

ANU: Why, what happened? 

NAVIN: First this – turn off that Cooker, Second this – Aadi is doing all the mischief, please take him away.

ANU: OK, you dad, daughter stay together always.

She carries Aaditya and goes back to the room where she came from. Cooker’s sound is not audible anymore, as she turned it off.

Phone rings, Navin gets up, picks the phone up. He moves out the balcony.

SCENE 009/NAVIN’S BALCONY / MORNING                                   

A balcony with a few plant pots; Well cleaned balcony. Navin is talking in low voice.

NAVIN: Yes Mr Shetty. Tell me. 

INS SHETTY: Sir I have done my part. Test result is negative; You are a gentleman. But you know me. 

NAVIN: [arrogance] OK OK.Send your man, I’ll do that. 

INS SHETTY: Doctor asked you to meet him personally. No, he did not tell me why. So, I will send someone. 

NAVIN: [arrogance] OK OK. 

[Navin dials a number in his cell and makes a call] 

NAVIN: Doctor Kadam, this is Navin Patnaik.

KADAM: Mr Patnaik, I want to meet you in person.

NAVIN: What doctor, anything serious?

KADAM: Nothing. The test results are negative. You are saved.  Are you married?

NAVIN: But Doctor Kadam, why you want to know? 

KADAM: Can you meet me in the hospital?

NAVIN: Please, tell it over the phone. I will definitely come over to you.

KADAM: OK, it is like this. If you are not married don’t go for it. You won’t be able to lead a family life. As per the test results you can never become a father. And as I see, this is special inheritance case. Do you have any paternal uncle who has no kids?

NAVIN: [Little sad] OK Doctor. I will speak to you. I mean I will come over to your place.

Navin’s memory runs towards the past, as he sits in the sofa. He looked at the wall, then he turnef towards the playing kids. Suddenly he realizes something.

NAVIN: [Screams] Anoo? 

[Anu rushes to scene] 

ANU: Why are you shouting? What happened?

NAVIN: [Shouts] You Bi…[stops]

ANU: What?

NAVIN: Nothing, leave it.

ANU: Tell me na?

NAVIN: [shouts] Nothing … get me a glass of water..

[Aarya approaches him]

AARYA: What happened papa?

NAVIN: Nothing … you continue to your drawing..

Navin laid back on the sofa and looked upwards. His attention stopped on the Ganesha picture.

He felt as if Lord Ganesha is punishing with words, “Fair Enough!

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Vijay Khambete Posted on5:13 am - Jan 24, 2018

Mast. I liked it. The twist at the end delivers the required punch.

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