“One of the oldest and most generous tricks that the universe plays on human beings is to bury STRANGE JEWELS within us all and then stand back to see if WE CAN EVER FIND THEM”- Elizabeth Gilbert

What is ‘MAGIC’? I once attended a magic show and what surprised me the most were the stages tricks, illusions of seemingly impossible or supernatural feats. I did not understand where things came from and where they went.

The words ‘magic’ and ‘creation’ have become very synonymous to me and I have started seeing them in the smallest things around me. I have started realizing what makes life so magical is the idea that we are the CREATORS, the idea that God lies within us.

The universe keeps putting us in specific circumstances right from the time we are born and we start developing our own meanings, creating our own identities and start looking at world in a particular way. The universe then gets playful….overturns everything and we find ourselves challenged with self. It is an opportunity we get to rise from our own ashes, start taking charge of our goals, overcome our own identities and influence the world with the ideas that are closest to our heart.

I have started realizing the ‘Being’ of such a ‘Human Being’, the spirit of someone who has magic in the veins is un-tamable.

I would like to conclude with the following note-


About the author:

The author for this article is Ms. Anuja Agarwal, the founder of the organisation ‘Creative Kabira’. Her most magical creation is life has been Creative Kabira, which gave her an experience of rising from the ashes. She lives in the possibility of love, joy, magic, confidence, wellbeing, prosperity and oneness.

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Milind Kher Posted on6:14 am - Jan 17, 2018

Very well written piece. Indeed, as in the case of the musk deer, or as in the “Acres of Diamonds” story, the treasure is much closer than we think !! ??

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